Chris Jericho: The Man Who Saves Us All

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Chris Jericho: The Man Who Saves Us All
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"The IWC has always been, for the better part, I have gelled to it, and will always be a bag full of hypocrites who are drowned in the most gelatinously sick notion that they know it all. God save us!" --- comes from someone under the influence of Jerichohol.


Don't go under the influence that I am going to start a rant of any sorts. That was just to magnify the magnitudes of things to follow.

IWC has always been a sea of unlimited theories and vagaried concepts. Though the guys know their game very well, we would see a multitudes of personalities. Some still stuck in the limitless attitude of an era, some ranting about the product on offer, some in turn standing in defense of it. We will see maniacs running amok with bandwagons of their favorites (count me on the grand design bandwagon). Though there are some universally accepted phenomenon that Cena is as fresh as a fart and Bore-tista can cure an insomniac.

But throughout my vagabond surfs through Bleacher and "other" sites, one man continues to heap the accolades of one and all. The writers though whatever they have to say about in finiteness of space and hairs, still only have golden words for this lion-hearted. So, I myself decided to shower him with some worth of mine:

5x World Champion, 9x IC Champion, 1st ever Undisputed Champion, 4x Tag Team Champ ion; the man currently carrying a 500-pound meatloaf, coating him with sugar to arenas to relish......


Though stats are for mere mortals, but there come some men who would put their sweat to heat for their work. We are talking about such an entertainer here.

His mic work always has been top notch. Zillions of classic memorable promos under his belt, including the showdowns with The Rock, his sadistically evil "Save Me" promos, or the greatest talk show ever, "The Highlight Reel." Well, I can undoubtedly say that the man has done the most number of promos in the E for the past two years.

There are guys who deliver the goods in their promos: Orton with his viperistic expressions, Cena with his passion about giving the diaper-parade what they want, DX with their monkey-esque antics and Punk with his no-alcohol, no-shaving Straightedge campaign. But here, you have a guy who without a moniker or gimmick would grab a mic and actually talk down to you, and you will have a hard time not believing what he said.

It just gives me a chill imagining Edge and the man going at it soon. He is definitely in league with Rock and Austin.

Now we move to square-circular dimensions. The 2008 Slammy-Award winner has not been about championship reigns. He does not need championships to fall into greatness at this stage of his career. He can make anybody look great in the ring. (by anybody we also mean Batista)

This crafty veteran has always been putting people over, whether it was Christian at WM, Rey, Kofi (IC title) or Shelton forever. Just look into the degree of depth he goes into with his feuds with Shawn and Rey, making them classics.

Certainly a Savior, saving us with quality entertainment time, currently on a hot mission to save the tag division for the past few months. One has to apprehend though there are not many serious contenders. JeriShow have uplifted the prestige of the tag belts as we are seeing tag champs in main event feuds frequently. Very soon, the tag titles are up for grabs in a TLC match (a rarity).

Not going through casual eyes, one with a sight would hail Jericho as the face of E for the past two years.

The man is best at what he does, even if his work involves making some no-brainers guest-hosts remotely bearable.

Satiating myself with the theory that WWE always gives Royal Rumble win to a veteran (apart from that lightening called Brock Lesnar), I am placing my belief on a Savior's day at the  Royal Rumble, another jewel in the crown of King of Bling Bling.

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