Texas Longhorn Defense's Pride, Respect on the Line in Big 12 Title Game

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Texas Longhorn Defense's Pride, Respect on the Line in Big 12 Title Game
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A common theme has been reiterated throughout the college football landscape regarding the state of the Texas Longhorns in the days leading up to their duel with the Cornhuskers of Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship.

The once vaunted defense, ranked fifth nationally, is vulnerable, and in a state of perplexity.

After giving up 532 total yards and 39 points to the 6-6 Aggies of Texas A&M, the defense many regarded as the nation’s best suddenly doesn’t look so burdensome.

Said Texas DC Will Muschamp, “We had some missed communication, assignments, alignments, 13 missed tackles, and critical errors on third downs.”

Indeed, a unit that befuddled some, and completely dismantled others, got served a big piece of humble pie with the eyes of the nation watching last Thursday night.

Consequently, the swagger Muschamp’s defense has played with all year has completely dissipated, and teams Texas plays in the future will be in for a treat.


Lol, says Mack Brown “They will play their tails off,” “They were mad and embarrassed. They are very prideful kids. “

Indeed, if Will Muschamp has instilled anything in the heart of the Texas defense since he became DC, it’s to play with pride. That when you step out on that field, not only are you representing yourself, you’re representing Texas.

As vexed as I, and other Texas faithful we’re about the lackluster performance on defense vs. A&M, it couldn’t have come at a better time for a team with aspirations of winning a national championship.

Since the beginning of the season, everyone has been slapping the D on the back, telling them how good they are, that they’re the reason this Texas team has an excellent shot at bringing back the Crystal Trophy.

When you’re top ten nationally in merely every statistical category, including first in rushing D, fifth in total D, ninth in scoring D, third in turnovers gained, third in TFL’s, third in INTs, and third in sacks the public tends to become quite enamored with you.

With the recent total defensive collapse at A&M, once can look at the Texas defense one of two ways. A) The Texas defense which has played great all year is one of the best in country and just had an off night, or B) The first 11 games we’re a fluke and A&M exposed the Texas D for who they really are.

I, like most logical observers, have the propensity of objectifying based on what I have witnessed throughout the entire season rather than one game.

Subsequently, I’d hate to be Nebraska for the following reasons.

Texas is equipped with one of the best defense’s in the country, is coming off a game in which they just got embarrassed, and their coordinator (also one of the best in the land), has had extra time to game plan for an offense ranked 11th of 12 in the Big 12.

Any chance Nebraska had of upsetting the Texas Longhorns got erased the minute they decided not to show up in College Station.

Remember these names: Kindle, Houston, Thomas, Muckelroy, Williams.

You’ll be hearing them a lot tomorrow night.

As for one crazy prediction: Nebraska doesn’t score a TD.

Texas 31- Nebraska 3


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