Hey Selig, You Have Two Choices: Drop The BBWAA, Or Start Losing Fans

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Hey Selig, You Have Two Choices: Drop The BBWAA, Or Start Losing Fans

BBWAA voters are the stupidest people in the world. Sorry islamist extremist, after a stong hold of nearly a decade, you are officialy dethroned. That's right, I would rather have petty threats of terrifying terrorisim,(not like, blowing up the trade center terrorisim), then the BBWAA terrorizing the game I love.

This years Cy Young is just the tipping point. Personally my Cardinals are hit worse then anyone in the game by the BBWAA.

In fact lets make a counter. Chris Duncan(ROTY), Mark McGwire(MVP(1998)), Adam Wainwright/Chris Carpenter(Cy Young(2009)), Albert Pujols(MVP(2003)), Tony Larussa(MOTY(2006)), Tony Larussa (MOTY(2009)), Albert Pujols(MVP(2004)), Ken Boyer(HOF), Mark McGwire(HOF), Stan Musial(100% of the votes for HOF), and Whitey Herzog(HOF). Just to name a few.

Lets face it, I would rather have Scott Boras as president, then the BBWAA. I would rather be a Cubs fan, then have the BBWAA. I would rather live in Canada then have the BBWAA. I WOULD RATHER STOP WRITING FOR BLEACHER REPORT THEN HAVE THE BBWAA!

I want to point to the one main thing, besides the Cy Young, wich many of you already know how I feel, the 2006 Rookie Of The Year.

Hanley Ramirez won, did he deserve it?

2006 Loser: Chris Duncan. Games Played: 90 At Bats: 280. .293/22/43/140(OPS+)

2006 Winner: Hanley Ramirez. Games Played:158 At Bats:633 .292/17/59/116(OPS+)

Now lets look at how many votes Duncan got. Holy cow. With 22 homeruns he got... ABSOLUTELY ZERO? 22 homeruns. That's a season anyone in MLB would take. Along with a .290+ AVG? Seriously. This proved BBWAA incompetence to vote for awards. Hanley just didn't deserve the award.

Look at Howard, he was a middeason call up he hit 22 homers. Thats the same as Duncan. Also Howard played more games in the previous year then Duncan(18(2HR) v 9(1 HR)). This is pathetic. I'm sorry BBWAA, but this was just one of the many mistakes they have made. How many Cardinal players must be jacked out of awards they deserve before we finally torch BBWAA HQ?

Who do you think deserved the 2006 NL ROTY? Duncan, Ramirez, or Other? Oh, if you don't say Duncan you are a communist. Just kidding. Maybe. I don't know your personal life.

http://www.baseball-reference.com/awards/awards_2006.shtml ROTY is a little down the page. Duncan had a better AVG then anyone except Ethier. Had more homers then Fielder and Uggla. Who was your ROTY? Even if it isn't Duncan, do you think he deserved at least one measley vote?

Come on Selig, MLBPA will back you up. Just press the button.

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