UFC 106: An Infamous Night For MMA Fans

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UFC 106: An Infamous Night For MMA Fans
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Did everyone see the Golden Gloves main event at the Mandalay Bay over the weekend? They had this guy in his late 30's with flames on his shorts. He was fighting this other guy who had no technical boxing skills at all.


All in all it was exactly the main event I expected from Golden Gloves. Reminded me of the fight they put on in Lubbock, TX in 2004, but how in the world did they get the Mandalay Bay to host? Vegas must be hurting for business more than I thought.


Turns out it wasn't a Golden Gloves main event at all. It was the UFC 106 main event. Seriously? You mean that middle aged, wannabe frat boy, is Tito Ortiz? I thought he said his back was 100% and he was back in the title hunt. That wasn't the Tito Ortiz I saw.


All I saw was a mediocre wrestler trying to take down a mediocre striker. That mediocre striker was Forrest Griffin.


Anyone who has taken two boxing lessons should see that Griffin's punching ability is awful. He looks like a 5 year old kid that is throwing angry, wild punches, at his big brother who just stole his candy.


I know that the UFC had to scramble to put together a main event after Brock, and Carwin were scratched, but to make it Griffin vs. Ortiz in Vegas? I'm sure that Dana and the Fertitas are laughing all the way to the bank this morning. That laughter will cease once MMA fans start to catch on to what is happening.


The Mandalay Bay, and Vegas in general, are supposed to always sell out when a boxing or UFC main event happens. It did not. It didn't even come close. About 5,000 tickets from being sold out.


The UFC is going downhill, and it's going downhill fast. I touched on this in my article about the Strikeforce main event on CBS. Strikeforce has made some great signings (King Mo, Herschel Walker.) Walker is not a tested MMA fighter, but will pull in high ratings (much like Brock Lesnar did for the UFC.)


While Strikeforce is making inroads with signings, and video game deals. The UFC is signing fighters it cut a long time ago (Baroni, Ortiz, Coleman). This is horrible business, and we saw the fruits on November 21.


November 21st will forever live in infamy as the day the UFC decided to give a "I don't give a crap" approach to its fans, and try to save as much money as they can before it all disappears.


As for me, I'm going to save my 500.00 I would spend on a UFC ticket, and go see 30 Golden Glove's Main Events (that includes beer and popcorn at each.) It would be just the same talent as the UFC is boasting for their marquee match-ups.


Has anyone seen the card for the next UFC in Vegas? I rest my case.

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