Look: HS Track Star Matthew Boling Challenges Saints' Ted Ginn to $10,000 Race

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Look: HS Track Star Matthew Boling Challenges Saints' Ted Ginn to $10,000 Race
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn is fast. So fast that he's willing to bet $10,000 on himself in a sprint against all comers. 

High school track sensation Matthew Boling thinks he can take Ginn down. Boling tweeted out an acceptance of Ginn's $10,000 challenge Friday:

Ginn initially laid out the terms on Bleacher Report's The Lefkoe Show

Boling, who is committed to the University of Georgia, set the national and Texas state records for the 100-meter dash with a 10.13-second time earlier this month. He previously ran a 9.98-second time, though that was wind-aided.

Ginn was clocked at 4.28 seconds in the 40-yard dash coming into the NFL. There are 109.361 yards in 100 meters. If we assume Ginn carries the exact same rate of speed from his 40 (not a perfect assumption), he would run the 100 meters in approximately 11.7 seconds.

Boling could run that time backwards.

Of course, that's a little unfair to Ginn. The high school track star was timed at 21.16 seconds in the 200 meters and 46.57 seconds in the 400 meters in high school. Those times are behind Boling's paces, but those are strong enough times that Ginn could have at least made it a race...back in the peak of his athletic prime.  

Ginn is now 34 years old and 15 years removed from running those times. He's spent the bulk of that time getting hit consistently at the collegiate and professional football levels.

So, what we're saying is this would be the easiest $10,000 Boling would ever make. 

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