NFL Picks Week 8: New England Patriots Fan Perspective

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NFL Picks Week 8:  New England Patriots Fan Perspective
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Gotta love that photoBrady to Welker...a phrase we Pats fans have grown to love. The only thing better might be the phrase Brady to Moss.

This week, the Pats are on a bye and will no doubt be working hard to get back to their 2007 formsomething that they and their fans both want. The last few beat downs that the Pats have handed out have been nice, but there's still teams out there that need to be slapped by the Patsnamely the Jets.  The Pats have been playing better and better each week, both offensively and defensively.

They've gone from dazed and confused, struggling to keep up with the game, to dominating the opposition defensively. I know what you're saying, "they haven't played anyone good yet."

You might be right, but they've improved weekly and have caught the attention of those around the league. By the time we play some of these decent teams (i.e. the Colts), the Pats defense will be up to par with their young and FAST defense. You heard it here first.

Forth and onwardhere we go with the picks, made four of us Pats fans for your reading pleasure! Commenting this week is C. Douglas Baker, Eric Annett, and myself.

Sunday, November 1

Broncos @ Ravens 

SF: This will be a good game.  Both teams are coming off a bye-the Broncos are looking to keep a perfect record and the Ravens are looking to get above .500. With both teams having two weeks to come up with game plans, this could go either way.  I’m going to go with the Ravens, just because the Broncos (and their fans) need to be taken down a notch.

DB: Can the solid, but 3-3 Ravens knock Denver off its 6-0 perch? I think the Ravens tough defense and balanced offense, at home, will do it! Baltimore.

EA: The Ravens should be refreshed playing on their own field coming off the bye week. I predict the Ravens will finally slow this Denver team down by pulling out a hard-fought and close win at home

Texans @ Buffalo

SF: Hmmmm….go Bills?  I keep waiting for T.O. to have his breakout game….and I still wait.  At least Bills Rookie Jairus Byrd is having a good season, thus far-leading the AFC East in INTs. Unless T.O. has his breakout game, this will be decided by the Bills defensive play. They’ll really have to keep Schaub and Co. grounded to avoid an aerial assault.

DB: Houston has been somewhat inconsistent this year, but Buffalo has been even more inconsistent.  Talent wise Houston should win.  Houston.

EA: Buffalo has somewhat clicked together as a team as of late, but I don't think they stand much of a chance against the Texans, regardless of the venue. Houston.

Cleveland @ Chicago

SF: Look for Da’ Bears to seek redemption in the eyes of their fans for the two-game road losing streak. Look for the Bears to pull this one out with ease against the 1-6 Browns (HA HA MANGINI!)….Ooops, sorry.

DB: The Bears looked awful against the Bengals last week, but they
are playing the Browns, who are even worse. Chicago.

EA: Even after getting, for lack of better word, raped by the Bengals, there's still no way I'll pick the Bears to drop one at home against the putrid Browns. Jay Cutler and Matt Forte may finally do something right this week.

Seattle @ Dallas

SF: If Miles Austin keeps playing the way he has, I don’t care who is throwing him the ball, the Seahawks don’t stand a chance. Cowboys win this one (unless Romo chokes….again…and again…and again…).

DB: Seattle is a mess with injuries and Dallas is on a roll. If Romo can avoid making mistakes, Dallas should win this one easily. Dallas.

EA: I see two so-so teams going at it here, but the Cowboys will easily be able to outmatch the Seahawks, especially given the fact that it's a home game. Chalk me up with the Cowboys.

NY Jets @ Miami

SF: Both teams suck. Sorry…that was a bit much. How about “I dislike both teams?" I’m hoping that the Fish pull this one out on the road just to help with the beat down that the Jets need. If the Phins do win, I hope that I don’t have to hear Porter's big mouth. Maybe Sanchez can stuff his hot dog with mustard in Porter's mouth to shut him up.

DB: Two division rivals matchup in this one and I see no reason the Jets shouldn’t win. Miami’s defense has been suspect this year and the Jets defense is solid and should slow down the Wildcat enough to win at home. New York Jets.

EA: Ah, the AFC East implications involved with this one. A Jets win is not a good thing with the Patriots taking the week off, and a victory isn't out of the question for Miami even playing this one in New York. Look for Ricky Williams to steal the show and make the difference in this one, I'm going Miami.

San Fransisco @ Indianapolis

SF: Sorry, but I don’t see the 49ers taking this one. Unless their Defense steps up and plays like pro bowlers, then I can’t pick the 49ers to win, despite how much I dislike the Colts.

DB: Satan Manning is playing lights out. Even if Reggie Wayne does not play, Indianapolis will win in a walkover.  Indianapolis.

EA: Without question, Colts. Peyton Manning is going to be leading his offensive unit up and down Lucas Oil Field all day.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

SF: Look for the Eagles to lay the smack down on the Giants in an embarrassing beat down courtesy McNabb and Co. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it againEli isn’t a great quarterback; his receivers make him look that way. Put an accurate quarterback in therePeyton, McNabb, Brady from the last few gameswith the NYG receivers and you’ll find an offense that’s impossible to stop. Eagles will walk all over the Giants leaving Eli wondering what just happened. I’ll be cheering on the Eagles and laughing at the Giants.  Yes, I can multitask like that.

DB: These two teams usually play very competitive games, regardless of records. While I think Philadelphia is actually a mediocre team, my gut tells me they will exploit the Giants weak secondary if they can protect McNabb. Their defense should get to
Manning and produce some turnovers. I am going with Philadelphia at
home. Philadelphia.

EA: Should be a great match between two very good teams in the NFC East. While these two teams are pretty even if you ask me, the Giants are in a bit of a funk after dropping consecutive games to New Orleans and Arizona. This road game will not be easily had, but it can be done. I'll pick the Eagles but I'm not ruling out Big Blue in the least.  

St. Louis @ Detroit

SF: Look for the Rams to break the cycle of losing and go all out before their bye week to win one against the Lions.  The Rams don’t want to tie the record for “Remaining Defeated” in a regular season-and the Lions are the perfect team to get a win against-especially if Matt Stafford is still out (he practiced Tuesday and Wednesday).

DB: Wow, what a game!  I think St. Louis is going to win its first one this year, and Steven Jackson will have a big day. St. Louis.

EA: If I have to see this one on television, Fox is going to get a very angry letter from me. Since both teams are just sad, I'll give the decision to the home team...make that two wins on the year for Detroit.

Oakland @ San Diego

SF: Look for the 2-5 Raiders to win against the 3-3 Chargers.  Won’t be much of a game, because either team isn’t doing to hot right now…specially the Raiders.  Now you know why Seymour took so long to report to Oakland.  He needs to get the Raiders to rally behind him-he knows that defense wins games.

DB: This game is intriguing because the Raiders can play in spurts and San Diego  collapses in spurts.  Overall the Chargers are a better team, especially on offense, so I am going with San Diego. San

EA: Can we tally JaMarcus Russel under the "Bust" column yet? He isn't going to be dazzling anybody here, nor are the Raiders. San Diego at home.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

SF: The Titans are coming off their bye week-so look for them to be well rested and have a game plan that just might work.  They’ll win this one against the Jags (who are only 3-3), assuming that their defense holds up against the Jags running game.

DB: Two more lousy teams.  Tennessee has looked so bad, even
Jacksonville can beat them.  Jacksonville.

EA: Is Vince Young going to be starting yet this week? Either way, Jacksonville should have this one in the bag.

Minnesota @ Green Bay

SF: This will be a good game.  Look for the fans at Lambeau Stadium to give Favre a less then hearty welcome.  Hell, they’ll boo the piss outta him.  They’ll be a few signs about “we love you and miss you” crap, but that’s just idiots trying to get on TV.  If GB can force Mr Interception to make bad decisions and poor passes, then the Packers will pull this one out late in the fourth quarter.

DB: Will Green Bay avenge their loss in the dome?  No. Minesota.

EA: Is it just me, or does the home team usually win in Vikings-Packers games when neither team is head-and-shoulders above the other? That's my prediction here. Coming off a momentum-slowing loss at Pittsburgh, Fabulous Favre won't have much sunshine, rainbows, or butterflies to pull out of his bag of tricks at Lambeau. Sorry to burst your bubble, Minnesota fans...

Carolina @ Arizona

SF: The Cardinals will use Wells to avoid Peppers-running opposite him.  With that said, they’ll also do smart football, using the run to set up the pass.  The Panthers won’t want to blitz because of the passing ability of QB Kurt Warner, and if they cover back to stop the pass, then the run game will pick up.  The Cards will pick apart the Panthers defense in a sure victory.

DB: Arizona at home against a terrible quarterback.  Arizona.

EA: It's going to be a repeat of the Divisional playoffs. Lots of three-and-outs and turnovers for Carolina, lots of all-around domination by Arizona.

Monday, Nov. 2

Atlanta @ New Orleans

SF: This should be a good game. It’s a divisional game, so there’s a lot on the line-the Saints can dominate their division with a win, and the Falcons can start to dethrone the Saints with by handing them their first loss.  Look for this to be a stand up-in your face-hard played game with the Saints taking it early in the fourth quarter.

DB: I think the Saints are the best team in the league.  New Orleans.

EA: Atlanta is a very, very good team, but their pass defense is marginal at best. Going to the Superdome, they are just begging to get ripped to shreds by Drew Brees. Have fun with that, Atlanta defense. Saints stay shiny after a shootout win.

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