How to Book Matt Hardy's Broken Gimmick Following Breakdown on WWE Raw

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How to Book Matt Hardy's Broken Gimmick Following Breakdown on WWE Raw

It looks like Matt Hardy is starting to suffer a mental breakdown, and his character appears to be broken.

On Monday's episode of WWE Raw, Hardy was decimated by Bray Wyatt in a singles match, following up a series of losses with yet another defeat. Following the bout, Hardy sat in the corner and began chanting "Delete."

It's finally time to unleash a new form of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick he developed during his time with Impact Wrestling.

After WWE announced Jeff Hardy would be out for months with a shoulder injury, his brother Matt has been wallowing without a storyline. Now, the possibilities are endless for how WWE Creative can move forward with a new edition of the Broken gimmick.


Bray Wyatt Brings Out the Broken

Now that Hardy is starting to tease the change in character, the best feud to fully utilize the supernatural aspect of the Broken gimmick would be against Wyatt.

Not only did the men prove Monday that they have good in-ring chemistry, but the paranormal aura Wyatt carries will also mesh well with the twisted logic of Broken Matt Hardy as he continues to devolve into madness.

Hardy needs to play off a strong personality to get the WWE Universe acclimated to the Broken persona, and while Wyatt has been booked like garbage over the last several months, the two men will be able to play off each other and build an intriguing storyline.

Another benefit of feuding against Wyatt would be that Hardy almost certainly comes out of the program as the ultimate victor. Bray is one of the best talkers in the business and has the character to back it up, but he loses almost all of his marquee storylines.

This time, though, Wyatt's putting over the Broken gimmick is the right thing to do.


Hardy Starts Climbing the Ranks

After the loss to Wyatt, Hardy started to tease the Broken gimmick, but nothing has come to fruition yet. As the losses continue to build over the coming weeks, there will be a breaking point.

When Hardy reaches his limit, he must begin destroying the lower and midcard talent using any means necessary. Hardy wouldn't go full heel, but he would need to dance the line between good and evil to fulfill the Broken persona to its fullest.

Once he starts winning as Broken Matt Hardy, he will build momentum and start facing tougher and tougher challengers. Eventually, he will have to go full-fledged heel to take advantage of his more talented competitors.

Hardy would become uncontrollable until one man returned to stop him—his brother Jeff.

After what could be yet another storied feud between the brothers, they could once again team up to give the WWE Universe the tandem of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero.

Regardless of what they call it—Woken Matt Hardy or something else—as long as wrestling fans have the gimmick back on television, the next few months will be delightful.


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