John Cena Must Take Clean Loss vs Roman Reigns at WWE No Mercy 2017

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John Cena Must Take Clean Loss vs Roman Reigns at WWE No Mercy 2017
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

When Roman Reigns squares off against John Cena at the 2017 edition of WWE No Mercy, the 16-time champion needs to take a clean loss and help build Reigns' credibility.

Through two weeks of build for this matchup, Cena has gained the upper hand verbally. While Reigns was thoroughly outshined in the first promo battle on Monday night Raw, he bounced back nicely in the second, but Cena still has made the clearer and more concise points.

One of the reasons Cena has been viewed the victor in the war of words with Reigns is that he is using many of the complaints the WWE Universe has launched at the Big Dog and attacking him with the truth. From talking about his inability to cut good promos to being handed his position at the top of the company, Cena is parroting what many fans have said for several years.

While Reigns had to sit there and take the loss to Cena in the promo battles thus far, it's imperative that the Big Dog follows through with what he said and he comes out of No Mercy with a clean victory over the biggest star in WWE. By earning a win over Cena, Reigns validates every comment he made about Cena not being his best and prove himself as a man of his word.

A clean victory over Cena would also truly set Reigns apart as the top Superstar in WWE through the eyes of management and creative. After a huge win over Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania 33, the Big Dog is looking to follow up the major achievement with another monumental moment by beating Cena.

For Cena, he has been the top dog in the company for over a decade, but Reigns is eight years younger and is carrying the workload for WWE while Cena is working on his acting career. It's time for Cena to pass the torch to Reigns.

Once Cena is defeated at No Mercy, not only will he be free to go do all the morning shows and movies he desires, but he will also earn the respect of many wrestling fans by being willing to put over a younger talent for the better of the company.

A victory for Reigns would make it abundantly clear he is the new franchise player. While some wrestling fans will never respect Reigns due to his lackluster mic skills and his limited move set, a clear and convincing win over Cena would allow the majority of the WWE Universe to throw their support behind the Big Dog.

Cena doesn't take many clean losses, but he must take the pinfall at No Mercy and help cement Reigns as WWE's top star.


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