A New Twist On The 103 Infamous Steroid List

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A New Twist On The 103 Infamous Steroid List

Ok, this is an interesting way to put this.  Remember the 103 players on that list? Heres a new spin on the story.

Long ago, on a planet not that far away, there lived a peaceful race of otters. One day a farmer found a cave containing many bad oysters. The farmer accidently released these into the wild to be harvested one by one at regular intervals of about a month.

The bad oysters wreaked havoc on the otters, then one day a mighty king otter, Matt Footeotter stepped up to the throne he said "We must find a solution. We can not let these bad oysters come to light one at a time, they must be shown out at the same time."

A decree was set in the land, all otters got the call, open all your oysters we must find the bad ones. Many disagreed, "we must protect our good food" they argued. Yet the king being very wise indeed said, "If we continue finding them one at a time this will go one for years and destroy our faith, yet if we open all oysters at the same time our food shall certainly be wasted".

So the king gathered his closest advisors and came up with a plan. To ask the god's is what theyll do. The god's they ask come up with an answer and that answer be:(vote in the poll)

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