Brett Favre Has Something Else To Say, and It's a Doozy!

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Brett Favre Has Something Else To Say, and It's a Doozy!
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**Sorry, I didn't write this sooner. School and football have put B/R out the door.**

On September 16th, the NFL fined the New York Jets, current GM Mike Tannenbaum, and former Jets coach, now Cleveland Browns coach, Eric Mangini for not adhearing to Brett Favre's injury last season. The NFL fined the Jets $75,000 and fines both Mangini and Tannenbaum $25,000. I think that fining them was good. What they did was wrong and they should pay the price. It wasn't until Wednesday that the situation got as dumb as it is now.

On Wednesday, Favre said that he believes that the fines handed down to the Jets were, and I'm quoting Favre on this one, "Very unfair". He also said that they did everything that he felt they were supposed to do.

WHAT!!!!! That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!

He said he wanted the Jets to know that he wasn't his best, but I'm going to take this like telling on a bully. If you do tell and they do get in trouble, you don't stick up for the bully you snitched on!!! You snitched on the bully because you wanted to get him in trouble!

I think Brett is one of the best QB's of all time, but he should just let his arm do the talking and just keep his mouth shut

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