A Florida Summer: Better Grab Your Sunscreen, Beach Towel and Cleats?

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A Florida Summer: Better Grab Your Sunscreen, Beach Towel and Cleats?

Summer time in Florida, for most it means time to hit the beach, go for a nice swim and just relax on a nice summer night. For Gator fans, it means it's time to gear up for the next season and a drive towards an SEC and National Championship.

Let's start out by saying that the Gators had a so-so season last year. Finishing the year 9-4 with a bowl loss to Michigan. Okay, so everyone thought that the Gators would destroy Michigan (at least almost everyone.) I thought the Wolverines would give them a game, but I didn't expect them to win. Well the past is exactly that, the past. The Gators are ready for the future and why not? It's almost the same as their past.

Returning Impact Players

  • Quarterback Tim Tebow: Heisman Trophy winner, SEC Champion and National Champion, now a Junior. Think about it, you don't really need to say much about this kid. He had 55 total touchdowns last year, including the Capital One Bowl. 32 Passing touchdowns proved that he could throw the ball and rushing for 23 touchdowns proved that he was just the same power running QB that they had on that National Championship team. He will provide the same style of play that he did last year, but hopefully it won't all come down on him again this year.
  • Wide Receiver/Running Back Percy Harvin: Speedster, Elusive and now a Junior. He has been a great threat for the Gators as both a receiver and a runningback. He rushed for 764 yards and 6 touchdowns off of 83 attempts, and has received for 858 yards and 4 touchdowns from 59 receptions this year. He had heel problems ever since he was in high school off and on, but now that he's had surgery it should be able to help him out.
  • Kick Returner/Running Back Brandon James: Short, Fast and Slippery, a Junior. He is a great threat for the Gators in terms of special teams. Ask Michigan, they were afraid of him so much that they did their best to kick away from him every time. He has returned 30 kicks for a total of 841 yards, and returned 14 punts for a total of 254 yards and a touchdown.
  • Free Safety Major Wright: Call him "Florida's new Eraser" or "Big Reggie Nelson." Either way, this boy hits hard. He's a major hitter for the Gators and will decleat you if you come near him. He's quite possibly the hardest hitter the Gators have had in a while, next to Reggie Nelson.
  • Running Back Emmanuel Moody: Although he didn't play last year because of his transfer year he will be a big impact for Florida this year. He was a good player for USC but an injury before the last 4 games of the season led him to transferring to Florida. He was USC's second leading rusher his freshman season and looks to take the pressure off of Tebow for the Gators.

Overall the team looks great. The offensive line is nearly the same as last year and same goes for the defensive line. There is a small question as to who will replace Derick Harvey on one of the ends, but that will be filled soon if it hasn't been already. The rest of the team looks to be in top form, and the Gators will begin their strive for a National Title August 30, against Hawaii.

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