Albert Pujols Triple Crown: Heres How To Get It Done

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Albert Pujols Triple Crown: Heres How To Get It Done
(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Shoot Hanley Ramirez. Wooo wooo hold on. Everyone who isn't a Marlins fan...wait. Ok anyone besides the 3 Marlins fans I see at the Marlins games will agree. Hanley needs to go down.

I mean come on. If hanley went o-x to finish the season AP(in a hot streak right now) would take over in 3 weeks with 1 left to play. Whats more exciting? AP winning the TC with a week left to play or Hanley stealing his shining moment?

I think it's obvious. Soooo were do you want the bullet America? And by bullet I mean slight pain that won't take him from lineup, but will keep him from hitting anything.

Hey, lets make a deal. We give H-Ram MVP and he gives AP TC. Will that work? Why not throw in giving Josh Johnson Cy Young.

Eh either way, great season to all players mentioned. MattFoote out.

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