Pro Wrestling Zooming Lens: Constructing an Extreme Prediction

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Pro Wrestling Zooming Lens: Constructing an Extreme Prediction

I've written many pieces here on B/R, but I haven't had a hand in too many preview/predictions and decided to give it a shot.

I was never a big fan of them because a majority of time (99.9 percent) you'll come across ridiculous predictions that just won't happen even if you got the chance to run it by WWE officials themselves.

I've been away for a while and kept watch here and there so I'm sure I could easily pull out some nonsense tagged under "predictions," but any who know the great AkD or at least are familiar with him know what he's all about..those who don't, too bad.

I've been forced to regularly watch ECW as a result of my favorite star Shelton Benjamin being traded there during Donald Trump's blockbuster (desperation draft) 15-man tri-branded trade.

ECW was robbed/looted of all their talent blah blah what's new?

Ah yes William Regal and his Ruthless Roundtable. Those who don't watch ECW because it's not good enough for their eyes can fill in the missing spots and get up to date on Rountable and rise to power here.

Between Jobacy and the Hart Dynasty, the Roundtable is easily a superior stable and the best in the entire company. Regal is simply the Chris Jericho of ECW and Jackson and Kozlov are Big Shows with the exceptions that they talk less and destroy more.

Captain no Common sense has his plate filled with these terrifying terrors, who've already showed him on numerous occasions that they mean business

Relax Sunshine

Regal can relax and make all the jokes he wants standing behind the Soviet War Machine and the Wrecking Ball from Harlem, N.Y., especially when all Captain Crunch has for back up is old Jobby Dreamer.

Many are quick to dimiss the heart and soul of ECW, but he's worth a lot more and accomplished more than you think.

Regardless, Dreamer isn't going to relive his glory days and was lucky to have received one last run as ECW champion.

The number game continues to pile up on the protagonists and the only standard that can turn the tables is facing some woo-woo idiot that gets gassed and winded and is incapable of having a lengthy match.

He says woo woo-woo because he's out of breath.

With the Hurricane and the Ripper locked up for now, I decided to make a lengthy prediction from now to Wrestlemania 26 orbiting around the ECW title, and the man who would, could, and should enter the ECW title orbit: Shelton Benjamin.

Dreamer is out of picture, and Regal and Christian already have one match (shafted for eight seconds) at Summerslam under their feud file. Breaking Point will be the second ECW title encounter between the two, so we'll start there.

Breaking Point, Hell in a Cell, and Bragging Rights are the next three events. Let Christian win one last time at Breaking Point though Regal has the submission and should win just to solidify a nice three Pay-Per-View reign and have Regal capture it at Bragging Rights. Here is where it could get tricky, two options:

By this point Regal and Christian will have faced at Summerslam, Breaking Point, and Bragging Rights, this isn't RAW we don't have to use Orton/Cena/Trips forever.

Regal winning at Bragging Rights of course should result in Christian's rematch clause, which could be on ECW to finish him off or take it to Hell in a Cell for the fourth consecutive Pay-Per-View match between the two, which should be the last. Five or more is too much, especially given how often titles changes hands and especially for a one-hour show.

Looking at all angles of the square, it is possible that Regal will walk away without the ECW title. It's viewed as very unlikely as face versus face feuds aren't the toast of the town but the title could leave Christian's hands without it falling into Regal's and all it takes is a match involving more than those two men like Swagger/Dreamer/Christian at Extreme Rules 2009.

So speaking hypothetically, let's say Christian somehow overcomes the odds and retains at Breaking Point, that will be two Pay-Per-View wins over Regal and that means he'll have to win at Bragging Rights or he's out of chances.

The length of this feud is unknown, but they cannot keep their stars in limbo for too long so something has to give.

To put it all in a nutshell, I've taken a shot in attempting to cover as much angles I can and came up with the following below.

There are many random, sudden, and hidden factors that could come into play, which includes injuries, releases, backstage heat, etc, but let's just say none of those occur.

Christian wins at Breaking Point:

A) Regal gets blown off at Hell in a Cell

B) Regal wins at Hell in a Cell

Regal wins at Breaking Point:

A) Christian gets rematch for Hell in a Cell and gets blown off

B) Christian loses at Hell in a Cell, but gets one last shot at Hell in a Cell

C) If they want to speed things up and head in a different direction; Christian loses rematch on ECW and is blown off (Unlikely)

Hell in a Cell:

A) Christian gets rematch and is defeated by Regal for ECW title [This option is only available if Christian defeats Regal at Breaking Point if the match is even booked for Pay-Per-View at all]

B) Regal gets third ECW title match and loses thus getting blown off [This option is only available if Regal loses to Christian for the ECW title at Breaking Point given there is an ECW title match at the event]

*Champions usually move on to new challengers after defeating the same challenger three consecutive times at three consecutive Pay-Per-Views thus the reason for blowing off Regal

Bragging Rights:

A) Defending champ Regal versus Christian in second rematch and defeats him thus blowing him off [This option is only available if Regal defeats Christian at Breaking Point and again at Hell in a Cell]

B) Defending champ Christian gets a filler ECW title match (Most likely multiple competitors) and walks out Champ. [This option is only available if Regal is blown off at Hell in a Cell]

*This option may be unlikely given the frequency of title changes, however Kofi Kingston has held the U.S. title for a while now

Survivor Series:

A) Shelton Benjamin receives ECW title shot 

  • Defeats champion Regal and becomes champion [This option is only available if Regal is ECW champion]
  • Loses to champion Regal sets up feud between the two [This option is only available if Regal is ECW champion]
  • Defeats champion Christian (Unlikely he'll still be champ) [This option is only available if Christian is still champ]
  •   Wins ECW title in multiple man match

B) Shelton Benjamin Participates in traditional Survivor Series tag match


A) Shelton Benjamin finally becomes ECW champion a la Jeff Hardy and WHC defeats champion Regal [This option is only available if Benjamin lost in an ECW title match, did not receive a shot at Survivor Series, or participated in a traditional Survivor Series tag match]

B) Loses 2nd ECW title opportunity [This option only available if Benjamin competed for ECW title at Survivor Series]

Royal Rumble 2010:

A) Shelton Benjamin finally becomes ECW champion [This option is only available if Benjamin was defeated at Armageddon for ECW title or did not receive a title match]

B) Shelton Benjamin's reign is short lived and Regal regains ECW title [This option is only available if Benjamin is ECW champion coming into the Rumble]

C) Shelton Benjamin competes in Royal Rumble [This option is only available if Benjamin does not receive a title match at the Rumble, if he is not champion, and or if no ECW title match is booked for the Rumble]

No Way Out 2010:

A) ECW champion William Regal is given filler ECW title match [This option is only available if Regal is ECW champion and if Benjamin or Christian wins Rumble (Both Unlikely)]

B) Christian or Regal receives title shot [This option is only available if Regal or Christian is ECW champion and if there is a build/plan for a triple threat match at WM26]

Wrestlemania 26:

A) Shelton Benjamin versus William Regal versus Christian (Triple threat or one one one bouts) for ECW Championship.

  • Shelton Benjamin becomes two-time (or first-time) ECW champion  [This option is only available if Benjamin won the Rumble and chose to face the ECW champion, was an ECW champion prior to the title match and/or won No. 1 contendership, and/or if WWE plans to move Christian and Roundtable from ECW and plans to make Benjamin face of ECW (Unlikely he'll stay down there)]
  • Christian becomes three-time ECW champion [This option is only available if Christian lost the ECW title prior to WM26, if Regal or Benjamin is ECW champ, if he wins the Rumble and chooses ECW title match, and or if WWE plans to move Roundtable and Benjamin from ECW]
  • Regal wins ECW title match [This option is only available if Benjamin or Christian is ECW champion prior to WM26, and or if WWE plans to move Christian, Benjamin, and or break up and move Roundtable from ECW]
  • Regal vs Benjamin and Christian enters MITB [This option is only available if WWE plans to move Christian out of ECW as well as Benjamin or Regal]

B) Shelton Benjamin wins MITB [This option is only available if Benjamin isn't in ECW title match, isn't ECW champion, and WWE is ready to move him to RAW/SD! and turn him into a superstar]

C) Shelton Benjamin loses MITB [This option is only available if Benjamin isn't ECW champion, isn't in a title match, and or loses the Royal Rumble if participated in it]

D) Christian wins MITB [This option is unlikely]

Looking Ahead: Shelton Benjamin...

A) The new face of ECW and Roundtable/Christian have departed from ECW

B) Walks out of WM26 ECW champ and loses it soon after and departs ECW

C) Stuck in mid-card hell forever and his opportunity to reach the next level is wasted provided he is given a opportunity at all and messes up himself.

Let's keep in mind that these are all predictions and anything can happen that is why I attempted to hit as many angles as I could. Let's see what happens shall we?

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