What's Wrong With AC Milan ?

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What's Wrong With AC Milan ?
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Derby della Madonnina: Isn't that supposed to be played by Inter Milan and AC Milan but it seems only Inter turned up, it was that disgusting and so one-sided to say the least.

The recent drubbing of Milan by Inter is by far the worst ever match Milan has ever played in it's lifetime. The worse heartbreak I've had since Barcelona lost to Real 1-4 at the Camp Nou last season. Losing 0-1,0-2 is ok but losing 0-4,that too in a derby to our bitterest rivals. Not at all acceptable.What's worse, they said they didn't want to humiliate us further. Sounded like they treated us like a second division side. Utter disrespect but one cannot agree more because that's how we played.

Though am a Barcelona fan through and through, there is something about Milan I really admire. Their commitment to their style, trusting their players who have been loyal to them and they have given lifeline to lots of people who have been rejected by big clubs. They are one of the few clubs who don't treat certain players as scum(I don't want to mention which club does it).So, it's pretty hard to digest when I see this club lose(except when it is against Barcelona).

There are many reasons attributed to this loss.

Main one being selling of Kaka citing financial reasons.

We missed him badly. He was the perfect second striker for us. Why the hell didn't we replace him ?

Did we underestimate Inter after their draw with the recently promoted Bari? (Right now , I doubt we can take on Bari)

And why was Huntelaar used as a sub ? He could have very well started the match.

What took Seedorf that long to put on his frikking boots ?

And why did Gattuso do that unwanted tackle ? Couldn't he just hold on for a minute or so ?

And Ronaldinho . It really pains me to see my favorite player playing so badly . Was this the same Ronaldinho who utterly humiliated many teams ? Made defenders look like clowns. I still remember the expression on Casillas' face after he humiliated them at Bernabeu. Where is that Ronaldinho now ?

And we have to accept our squad is aging. Does Berlusconi expect the squad to get younger ? We need a good academy at least. That too is lacking. And we can't live on past glory. We have not won the Scudetto since 2004. We may have won so many UCLs but in Italy we have won none in the recent past.

And why are we trying to imitate Barcelona? Appointing Leonardo of all coaches. What qualifications does he have to coach a side like AC Milan ? Guardiola was not made the coach straightaway. He coached the FC Barcelona B team before he took over the reigns of the main team. Why did we go for a noob coach with no coaching experience ?

And we are going to play Real Madrid in the group phases of UCL. I guess RM must be fearing Marseille and Zurich more than us :D.

As a Milan fan , I am expecting them to bounce back but I don't really know how. Theoretically you can say that they will be back but honestly tell me "Can Milan recover from this psychological scar this season in reality ?"

And last but not the least, big Congratulations to Inter Milan for playing attractive football. Mourinho and attractive football ? :) That was the last thing I expected. And Inter are very lucky to have got Eto'o in the swap deal who can play in any team and rip apart opponents.

Sneijder, Motta, Eto'o . Some of the best proponents of total football in Inter is the most amazing thing that Inter could have ever wished for.

All the best to Inter from a disappointed Milan fan. :) (Though I want them to lose over the 2 legs to FC Barcelona :P)

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