Highlighting the Best Offseason Move at Every Position So Far

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Highlighting the Best Offseason Move at Every Position So Far
J Pat Carter/Associated Press

Hindsight may be 20/20, but we're still in the NFL's version of the fog of war.

One of my favorite offseason maxims is that each and every team enters the next season ostensibly better than it was the last—at least, that is, in the opinion of that team and its fans. No team will ever raise its hand and say it's worse off, nor will any team admit it was unable to keep pace with the Joneses in its division.

It's easy to take any team and highlight positive things it has done, but the question we're asking here is which teams have made moves with such a positive impact at each position that they've jumped head and shoulders above their competition around the league.

The list includes moves made via the draft, free agency and trade, and they're not all moves that might be the first to jump to mind. Some will have immediate impact, while others are longer cons by NFL standards. Some lucky teams even show up more than once, but it's important to weigh the overall impact of these moves against everything else the organization in question has done comparable to its opponents.

So, don't take this list to mean every franchise on it is jumping to the head of the pack, nor that the exclusion of teams on this list means they've had negative offseasons.

The picks on this list stood above the crowd based both on shrewdness and boldness. These moves took both unconventional and conventional wisdom to make, and they almost certainly came at some sort of risk. The team should be better off for it, though.

Still, even those who agree with every pick made here may look back in years to come and wonder how foolish we were. Hindsight truly is 20/20, but before the games are played, we're all just making our best-effort educated guesses.

That's the joy of the offseason—everyone is getting better until it's proved they're not.

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