Tim Tebow Better Than Vince Young? This Is a Joke, Right?

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Tim Tebow Better Than Vince Young? This Is a Joke, Right?
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Sometimes, when living in the present, people can get caught up in the heat of the moment, and I understand that. Sometimes just because everything is fresh in the mind, people let their emotions get the best of them, I'm guilty of it as well.

For instance, some people watching the NBA today will tell you that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are better than Michael Jordan or would beat Michael if he played today. I don't blame these people or look down on them, because they just don't know any better.

Trying to hold an honest debate with them is about as fruitful as trying to breathe underwater.

Media outlets everywhere are polarizing this figure we call Tebow at an almost iniquitous level. It's all they talk about, you'd think he was the messiah or the savior of college football.

Need I remind people of the real superman of this college football generation? Maybe it's because of his NFL career that people have seemed to forget what a one and a lifetime talent he was? Are your memories really that short?

I'm not going to bring up stats, or records, or best games, or any of that stuff (even though I could and it would suffice plenty) but If I may, I would like everyone to pause.

Go back to 2005.

Remember what you witnessed.

Then remember that Young passed on his senior season and remember what could have been...what we all missed out on.

Do you remember how breathtaking it was to watch him almost single handedly carve up the almighty Trojans in a way that no one thought possible at the time? They simply had NO answer for him. They were baffled and confused, it was elementary really.

People are only supposed to be able to impact a game in that way in high school...Now it wasn't just that USC game, that whole year he carried his team in a way that Tebow could only dream about.

Not only was Young great, he performed the best on the grandest of stagest. When the stakes were highest... need I remind you of what he did to Michigan in the 2004 Rose Bowl? or Ohio state at the shoe? (don't think that was impressive, wait and see how Barkley handles the nightlights of Columbus, Ohio..all you USC jockers are in for a rude awakening).

Now I love Tebow, and I think he's one of the best players of our generation and one of the best leaders I have ever seen. It can also be argued that Percy Harvin was the hardest player to gameplan for a year ago. I don't believe it.. but there is a discussion.

Trying to sell that about Young when he walked the sideline is laughable.

In the National Championship game a year ago, people seem to forget that Tebow had his worst game against the Sooners. Yes, the Gators won, but they struggled to score and really didn't take over the game until late.

That same Sooners defense that gave up 45 points to Texas and over 40 points to OSU. Even KANSAS scored over 30 on them.

Final question.. You swap that Gator Team with Vince Young as their quarterback and you tell me what the score would be in that game...

So yes, celebrate Tim Tebow. He is a great player, possibly the greatest player ever to suit up in a Gator uniform.

I'll end by saying this. When Florida isn't playing to the level they are capable of, Tebow always seems to inspire by making a big play, juicing up the sideline, getting everyone around him to play better, and as a team they turn it into hyperdrive.

When Vince's team wasn't performing up to par, Vince would take a sip of water, smile, say OK guys I got you, and SINGLE HANDEDLY take over the game in a way that has never and may never be seen on a football field. You couldn't touch him. You couldn't stop him. He had his way with the defense almost toying with them at times.

You can gameplan for Tebow, get him to throw a couple of bad passes, keep him in the pocket, etc. it's hard, but a good defense with a good coach could manage it.

With Vince Young...you just had to hope that when he would dominate he would at least dominate on a level that wouldn't cripple your team's confidence for the rest of the season.

So when ranking the best players this decade, take a minute to pause. Think. Remember.

If you had ONE game to win, with the odds stacked against your favor and you could have ONE player to go out and win you a game...would it be Tebow?

I think I know Pete Carroll's answer...

Number 10. Anyday.

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