You're Not Hardcore Unless You Auction Draft

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You're Not Hardcore Unless You Auction Draft

Hey Fantasy Football owners, do you hunger for more control over your fictitious team? Do you feel like crying when Destiny gives you last pick in a 12 team league? Do you give backhand compliments to your buddy who won your league because he auto-drafted? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then it's time for you to switch over to fantasy football auction drafts.

Standard drafts are out of fashion; it's time to usher in a new era of fantasy football. This fantasy football revolution starts with auction drafts. The time to transition is now as ESPN has decided to make auction drafts available for free. Before this year, auction drafts typically had to be done in a paid league (gross), or manually with all your buddies in one room (exceedingly tedious).
It's pretty simple, comparing standard drafts to auction drafts is like comparing a horse and buggy to a car. It's a VCR to TiVo, a dustpan to a Roomba, Tropicana to Simply Orange (I'm an orange juice snob). I guarantee you that five years from now, everyone will be using auction drafts.
Standard drafts work in a snake order, with the draft order picked randomly. The snake part comes into effect by forcing teams to draft in reverse order every other round. Thus if a team picks first in the first round, they will pick last in the 2nd.
This system is antiquated; you have to take whatever draft position is given to you. Sure, the snaking order balances out the draft, but you are essentially forced into drafting players based on their ranked value and your draft position. Auctions eliminate this issue.
In an auction draft each team is given the same amount of currency, let's say 200 dollars. Every player is available for auction, and you bid to win players. The highest bidder wins, however the only limitation is that you can not spend more than your allotted 200 dollars total.
Auctions are free of limitations, you can get any player you desire by being the highest bidder. Adrian Peterson isn't reserved for only the person with the first overall pick, anyone can get him but at the cost of putting too many eggs in one basket. You spend too much money on one player, you limit your ability to purchase others.
Auctions are the fairest system of them all and end up requiring much more skill than a standard draft. Unleash your inner Warren Buffet by grabbing undervalued players. You can a couple studs or a team full of sleepers. You have full control over the shaping of your team as there are no random factors like in standard drafts.
There's another brilliant aspect to auction drafts that separate it from standard drafts: subterfuge. You can actively attempt to undermine your friends by raising the bid price on players you have no intention of buying.
Lastly, people who forget to attend live auctions or decide to auto-draft are punished. Auto-drafting in auction drafts rely on preset auction values for players or values the auto-drafter sets before the draft. Either way, the auto-drafter is crippled and can't really expect to contend at all unlike someone who auto-drafts in a standard league.
Auction drafts have no weaknesses now that they are offered for free. If your friends already set a standard league, tell them they can easily switch over to ESPN and do an auction draft with little hassle. Tell them they will be trendsetters by adopting auction drafts before auctions become the norm. If they still don't agree, be reasonable and question their testicular fortitude. It's alright, peer pressure every now and then is good for the soul. Convince your buddies to switch to an auction draft, you won't regret it.

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