Is Lopsided Ricky Rubio-Rudy Gay Deal a Rumor or Really on the Horizon?

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Is Lopsided Ricky Rubio-Rudy Gay Deal a Rumor or Really on the Horizon?
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Earlier today I was checking on the latest on Rubio. I happened to find a questionable trade rumor involving Ricky Rubio and Rudy Gay reported by Dime Magazine. Here's the quote:

"Citing the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the folks at RealGM shed some light on a rumored trade proposal that would send the rights to Ricky Rubio to the Grizzlies in exchange for Rudy Gay."

Now here is what writer Austin Burton had to say about this:

"If there’s any truth to this and both teams are talking, it would go right on top of the stack of cases where Memphis GM Chris Wallace got worked over like a one-armed guy fighting Brock Lesnar. You know how I feel about Rudy’s prospects as a future superstar.

"And while Rubio’s potential is one of the great unknowns at this point, it still seems like a lopsided deal in favor of the Wolves. With Al Jefferson and Kevin Love holding down the paint and Jonny Flynn getting him the rock, Rudy would be a thoroughbred in Minnesota.

What makes this rumor seem questionable to me is that Rubio reportedly never wanted to play for the Grizzlies and might’ve pulled a Steve Francis on them. When the Grizzlies landed the No. 2 pick in the ‘09 Draft, I thought Rubio was a no-brainer for them before those reports came out and the franchise fell in love with Hasheem Thabeet.

"A cooperative Rubio would be a great pick-up for them, but at the expense of losing their best player, it’s not worth it."

Now the writer of this is exactly right. It just comes down to the fact that if Memphis really wanted Rubio this bad, they could've just picked him with the second overall pick. So why would they give up Rudy Gay to get a player that made it clear that he didn't want to go to Memphis?

The only thing that would make sense about this deal is that Rudy Gay is going to be a restricted free agent. Even so, the Wolves could just pick him up with a lot of cap space going into next years free agency. That is one of the only things I could think of. 

Being a Wolves fan I would be flattered if this deal went down. Just because of the fact that Rudy Gay has proved himself and that he is soon going to turn 23.

This deal doesn't make sense, so I'm not believing it for one second.

What are your thoughts on this?

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