Best Possible Storylines for Sting Following Loss at WWE WrestleMania 31

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Best Possible Storylines for Sting Following Loss at WWE WrestleMania 31
Don Feria/Associated Press

Sting is one of the greatest entertainers the wrestling business has ever seen, but his in-ring debut with the WWE didn’t live up to expectations after he took the loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

While the match itself was executed well before run-ins from D-Generation X and the nWo, the convoluted finish tainted what should have been a decisive victory. Now would be the wrong time for Sting to walk away from the WWE, though.

Here are the best possible storylines for Sting that would help properly utilize the legend.

Undertaker Saves Sting from Retirement

Don Feria/Associated Press

A loss for Sting at WrestleMania is not how the fans imagined making his debut in the WWE, and the veteran may be thinking about hanging up his boots. After months of waiting for Vince McMahon and Co. to make him an offer, Sting should come out on Raw to retire.

As Sting is about to call it quits, The Undertaker can make his return and call out the former WCW champion for a match at WrestleMania 32. This is the dream match most fans want, and the WWE would be foolish to pass on the opportunity.

The two supernatural characters of these legends have been closely associated since Sting adopted The Crow persona in the mid-1990s. While it may not be the spectacle it could have been now that both wrestlers are older, the staredown alone would be worth the price of admission.

The vast majority of the WWE Universe wants this match to happen, and the WWE would be smart to build up to it for an entire year in order to create legitimate excitement around WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium in Texas.

Sting Isn’t Through with Triple H Yet

Don Feria/Associated Press

The battle between Sting and Triple H featured plenty of interference, and after watching the former WCW champion stand against the WWE COO at every chance he could, the storyline between the two legends could be far from over.

Sting lost his first match in a WWE ring, and it’s hard to believe that will be the end of the line. Triple H is still one of the top heels in the company, and the rivalry between the WCW and WWE representatives and their respective supporters would make for a marquee rematch.

SummerSlam has evolved into WrestleMania Lite over the years, and the possibility of Triple H and Sting writing a second chapter in their rivalry could lead to some incredible promos and interesting segments.

Add in DX and the nWo, and this is a program fans of all ages can support.

Bray Wyatt Sets His Sights on Sting

Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

After taking a loss to The Undertaker, the WWE must give Bray Wyatt a marquee storyline that helps him build momentum. With Sting obviously not caring about wins and losses, a singles feud between the men would be incredible.

Just as Wyatt meshed well with Undertaker because of their slow and methodical styles, Sting would also fit into that mold. The two men would put on brawls that would remind wrestling fans of the battles between Sting and Vader.

Sting could add a huge name to the SummerSlam card this year, and an eventual match against Wyatt would be the marquee billing the event needs. After Wyatt and Sting proved what they can do on the big stage, a possible feud should have wrestling fans excited.

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