Jeff Hardy Talks TNA Impact Wrestling, Sting, WWE WrestleMania 31 and More

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Jeff Hardy Talks TNA Impact Wrestling, Sting, WWE WrestleMania 31 and More

Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers in recent history, and the former TNA world champion is making his return to Impact Wrestling this Friday night against James Storm in a Six Sides of Steel match.

Hardy has been off television for several months while recovering from an injury he suffered in January at the hands of Storm, and he finally gets his chance at revenge at 9 p.m. ET on Friday on Destination America.

Earlier this week, he spoke with Ring Rust Radio (quotes courtesy of the News of Delaware County’s Joe Arcidiacono) about making his return to TNA, fighting for the tag team titles with his brother, former TNA champion Sting’s debut in WWE at WrestleMania 31 and so much more.

Hardy Talks TNA Locker Room and Winning Tag Team Gold

After years at the top of the card in the wrestling business, Hardy has become one of the primary faces of the TNA franchise. With the recent departure of Samoa Joe, there are many questions about how the locker room has reacted.

While losing a legend like Samoa Joe is a blow to the company, the return of Hardy couldn't have come at a better time. Impact Wrestling needs a top face who can carry them into the future, and Hardy still has plenty left in the tank.

When asked about how he views himself in the TNA locker room, Hardy spoke about how he and his brother, Matt, have handled the other wrestlers and Impact Wrestling employees:

I never view myself as a leader. I compliment people when I see something I really like and tell them that was good, keep doing what you're doing. That's as much as advice as you will get out of me. Matt is more that trainer to help a young star be better. If he ever opens a school, I might pop in and my big claim to fame is selling and how to take a good butt whooping. I never saw myself as a leader, but Matt definitely is that guy.

Speaking of his brother, the return of The Hardys as a tag team was a major boost to TNA's roster and tag team division, but the brothers are looking for more. The duo has won tag team gold in almost every company they've ever worked, but have never snagged the TNA titles.

When Hardy was asked about what winning the championships would mean to the brothers, he talked about the history of The Hardys and how adding another title to the record books is always a good thing:

It’s all about the collection, you know? It’s something to add to the collection and naturally, as a pro-wrestler, you want to [win] every title you possibly can—from the lightweight championship, tag team championship, US title, intercontinental title, world heavyweight championship, which is the metaphorical brass ring to grab, they say.

Naturally, you want to win them all to add to your collection. To look back on your career and say that you did that, that is something Matt and I haven't done yet. We have had some killer matches in TNA with the Wolves, Team 3D, and we are going to continue to have those matches until we win those World titles. It's inevitable that we are, and I am looking forward to it.  

Now that Hardy is returning to Impact Wrestling, it is just a matter of time before The Hardys get their revenge against The Revolution and receive another shot at The Wolves and the tag team championships.

The hope from many wrestling fans is that the storyline between The Wolves and The Hardys is something that lasts for a long time. While other feuds can come and go, these two teams have enough talent to carry the division to heights it hasn't reached in a long time.

After Hardy finally gets his revenge on Storm for putting him out of action, the brothers will once again team up to challenge for the title they still haven't earned. Watching The Hardys on the hunt is always must-watch television.

Hardy Talks Sting and WrestleMania 31

One of the biggest topics of conversation has been the buzz around WrestleMania 31 and the WWE debut of Sting. Hardy worked extensively with the wrestling legend while he was with TNA and looks back on those memories fondly.

Hardy was lucky enough to catch some of the work Triple H and Sting have been doing together, and the former WWE Superstar understands the magnitude of the moment Sting is about to experience.

When asked about how Sting will handle the pressure and what he learned from The Vigilante, Hardy spoke honestly about their relationship and how he views Sting as a man and a performer:

I think it's overdue and about time he gets that WrestleMania moment because he deserves it. I saw the Wyatt promo on Raw, which I loved, then I saw the whole Vigilante vs. King promo for Triple H and Sting's match. I got goosebumps from it, I wasn't even a wrestler at that point, I'm just a fan.

Sting was one of my first and biggest influences. One night in North Carolina when I reached out and touched his shoulder, he had the face paint on, and I didn't know why but I loved it. I wanted to be just like him and I was only 11 years old.

Now that he is going to be in a match at WrestleMania blows my mind. I can't wait to see how it turns out, but I know it will be great, I am sure. Every time I was in the ring with him, it was just a blessing for me to be in there with a role model and a guy I looked up to so much. I can't wait to see his moment in WrestleMania.

After spending several years in the WWE and stealing the show at WrestleMania on several occasions, Hardy knows what awaits Sting. Fortunately for the WCW legend, he was at the top of the business for many years and understands how to handle the pressure.

All eyes will be on how Sting works in a WWE ring against Triple H, but both men understand the magnitude of the moment. As Hardy said, Sting deserved this opportunities for years and will not let it go without taking advantage.

Hardy is one of the top stars on the Impact Wrestling roster and one of the biggest names in TNA today, but even he understands how Sting making his WrestleMania debut transcends the wrestling business.

For more wrestling talk, listen to Ring Rust Radio for all of the hot topics or catch the latest episode in the player below (some language NSFW).

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