Peepular- Bound For Backlash.

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Peepular- Bound For Backlash.
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Kimi leads.We are here entering the final sequence of corners.The downhill chicane, hard on the brakes, he goes a tad wide kissing corner markers.In a jiffy,Schumi takes the inside pushing the leader off the track and in a pang of sudden nerves and adrenaline burst,the man conquers the chequered flag!Kimi is in smoke.HEART BREAK.


Ecstasy.Our champion did it. Bravo.The uncountable motley rocking the grandstand cheers to a deafening berserk.He is a legend.It should be engraved.


Selfish bitch.He could have taken some sportsmanship into consideration.That is not a champ to have.It`s dying.Those casual people need to have an insight.


Firstoff,if you fabricated any prenotions about the title,it is not about the king of Peeps,Christian,the man who became who becamethe first person since recent inceptionof home of extreme wrestling(ECW) to reclaim the silver jewel.

Second off,sorry if you found that start berserk and way off.It indeed was.

Without any more absurd proclamations,let me put my objective in place.With sports going global all and all out,there emerge certain players whose brand value and glamour puts a celebrity tag on them.Gone are the yester years,when real celebrities occupied the screen and glamour and glitter.They slug it out on the field,get their teams glory and strike multi-million riches and fame.

Talk about Christiano ronaldo`s transfer. As a purist,let me keep the money aside,but the popularity they sore to is insurmountable.Take Schumi.Le Bron James,Dhoni,Federer invading page 3 more often than not.

There is the twist.

Their escalation to fame is countered by some unwarranted criticism from multiple quarters of followers.The purists aim their technicality.their sportsman spirit and other facets of the show.and then there are those who vindicate their outside arena tactics,their brand worth and upheld morals.You can`t evade that.If you are high on the folks,anti -you characters grow surmountably and exponentially.

Before we march and scale for reasons,i adhere to pro-wrestling part.There occurs in eras,some entertainers(wrestlers ,if you will)rise to soaring heights in case of fanfare-Cena,Taker,Hogan,Hardy,Rock,SCSA,HBK.

But surely,you gotta perform to be the manbut how does that criteria fits in pro wrestling where the entire scenario is scripted.He got that pull backstage,wooing the crowd does not account to greatness,the prestige of the title just took a great fall.This is certainly helped by the greatly impoverished wrestling arsenal of crowd`s sons-Cena,Batista.They truly are limited .So,their money making ways deserve vandalism from all quarters.

But now i may transfer that spotlight to one JEFF HARDY.

Extremely over with all ages,3 time champ,high-octane offense albeit a bit rushed, still he receives major flak.The TLC match with Taker must have hailed the boy in all the reverence. But then,as stardom rises,so does the hardcore critics slither away.We may see logic lines here and there citing why,but they are half-torn.

Then comes CC himself.He is held and scanned brightly before his arrival and then as instanly a tide of hatred lashes followed by tsunami.Why?

To make matters worse,this tendency prevails equally among the wrestling-o-holics along with the casual followers.Should not we be carried by some winds of highs and lows and not leave our dear ones in disarray.

We go to cricket(your game Joe).Indian captain Dhoni ,on a hot streak turning everything to gold,in process accumulating loads of criticism while still going at over 50.

Something goes behind this change of heart.I doubt of an un noted sudden Morrison may turn stupid or Punk act may turn bore bandwagon.

Preach what you love but certainly there is some undefined connection between PEEPULARITY and HATE.

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