I Don't Think Brandon Marshall Is Going To Come Around

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I Don't Think Brandon Marshall Is Going To Come Around
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******UPDATE August 2, 2009******

Even in the wake of Baltimore trade rumors, Brandon Marshal has been a consummate professional, during training camp.  Also, he has not engaged the media about his trade request and looks to be warming up to the idea of being a Bronco.  Marshal even made a joke at his own expense, writing "Beast Ego" on his practice shirt.  I have my fingers crossed


So much drama, so little time until the regular season starts.  I don't want to bash Brandon Marshall for his past activities and what not, but to be frank, all Marshall needs to do now is to fail a drug test to complete the trifecta to be added to the list of "NFL Stars that could have been."

Marshall has all the talent in the world, but nobody to tell him to be patient and smart.  He should take Rod Smith's advice and "talk to him."  You can view Rod's comments about the Marsho-drama here.

Training camp started on Monday.  Marshall made the mature decision of showing up to camp, then he pulled a Jon Gosselin ("I'm only here for my kids") and told the media he was only there, so he wouldn't get fined.

Marshall had the chance to repair a lot of unneeded damage to his reputation.  He could have said "I'm here for my teammates", or "I'm just here to play football and win for the fans of Denver", but he decided to go the diva route and save his pride.

I want to go on the record right now as a Bronco fan and say that "I want Marshall to play for the Broncos this season."  I'm pretty sure that a lot of Denver fans share the same opinion.  But I don't think it will happen.

The Broncos could sign him to a one-year contract, worthy of a player of Marshall's calibre, but what if he get's suspended for a month?  It also doesn't seem like money will change Marshall's opinion of the Broncos organization. 

At this point, the Broncos cannot afford a long-term contract on Marshall, because he has not showed that he is willing to become a mature professional.

The Broncos can't trade him and expect to get his true value in return.

Marshall can't expect to be traded to another team and receive a contract he thinks is worth his abilities.

The only mature and logical choice, is for Marshall to suck up his pride and play for the Broncos this season.  Not just show up, but to want to win and be a part of the team.  If he does this, the Broncos WILL "show him tha money."

Please be patient B-mar, and lay off the twitter account.

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