The Nickel: Six Pack, Hair & Spray, Y2J's Partner Hype Continues

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The Nickel: Six Pack, Hair & Spray, Y2J's Partner Hype Continues

Hair, Spray, & Bodega

Well I damned... Alicia Fox actually won on RAW tagging with Rosa "Bodega theme music" Mendes against Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim. Fox really takes some bumps as she was tossed around the ring a couple of times during the match.

I thought it was done before it started when I saw Hair and Mendes taking on the popular Kelly, the second power, and Gail Kim. It was odd that the only diva match on RAW didn't include any of their top divas in Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, and Divas champion Maryse.

Speaking of Maryse she sprayed some substance in Mickie James eyes after she tried to leave following her encounter with the Miz. It seems as Maryse sealed her fate and will drop the belt to the persistent James, but then again you never know.

Chavo Guerrero

WWE couldn't find a replacement GM after Vickie Guerrero gave her notice? I'm not too sure, but I'm under that impression as there is a new guest host every week (I'm hyped for Shaq).

I'm also under the impression that Chavo is paying the price for Vickie skipping town. Not one, not two, but three... THREE, TRES, 2+1, 3x1, 5-2, 12/4 Losses to Hornswoggle.

Marks of all superstars that has yet to win WWE/WHC (Benjamin, Christian, Hardy, etc.) be damn thankful that your star hasn't been treated in this fashion. I know we're in a recession, but my goodness Chavo have you considered pulling an aunt Vickie?


Chris Jericho's night on RAW wasn't a good one.

ZZ Top threw him in a match against Mark Henry. With Night of Champions around the corner Jericho got himself DQ'ed and escaped the world's strongest man.

He proceeded to leave the arena and he was approached by Legacy members Rhodes and Dibiase. They tried to brag and trash talk some about their match on Sunday. Jericho ripped both of them a new one saying he has more championships than Cody and his father combined.

The bitter partner-less Unified tag team champion left Orton's scapegoats shaking in their boots after he stated that their own leader could very well be his secret tag partner. WWE did a fine job hyping up Jericho's tag partner by leaving many clamoring for Night of Champions.

Brian Kendrick rose from the grave and reminded Jerry "the nosy King" Lawler that he has success as a tag team champion leaving many wondering before the King defeated him with a fist to the head (really?).

I hate to admit it, but I too have been drawn to this who mystery as to is Jericho's partner and I believe the Miz/Jericho Twitter war is just to throw us off the track. Swagger might as well be eliminated from talks after it was announced that he'd be taking part in the six pack challenge for Kofi Kingston's U.S. Title.

I'm still not sold on Masters as well though he fits the bill in a way. Christian is the longest shot, but I think Jericho's partner could be a two-time WWE tag team champion.

Six Pack Challenge/Six man tag

That's what I like to see.

I'm a fan of multiple man matches that consist of multiple feuds. All the feuds are meshed together to form the six-pack challenge, which consists of U.S. champ Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Carlito, Big Show, MVP and Jack Swagger.

By the looks of it Kofi's days are numbered, but the numerous feuds might work to his advantage as Swagger will be aiming for MVP and Primo might run in and take out his backstabbing (no pun intended) brother.

Big Show is the biggest problem (no pun intended) as he left the ring with all five of his opponents lying out cold.

This match was a good move that not only provides the mandatory U.S. title defense, but it gives three feuds airtime and six stars PPV time instead of going for Show vs. Kingston, which I thought was going to happen. It would have been nice if Evan Bourne was in the match as well, but he'll be on the outside looking in.

Everything Else

—Another boring Legacy handicap tag match took place where the opposing team wins and Orton slithers away with his henchmen..same ol' ending.

—Seth Green > ZZ Top

—Primo and Fox were the biggest surprises if the night, with the Hair's roll up win and Primo's ring work.

—Might be a little early, but Shaq > Every other RAW host

—Where was Beth Phoenix? Santino's 15 min of fame is up

—Dear Orton, .....Punt King

—RAW wasn't too shabby.

Quote of the Night: "I have more championships than you and father combined."—Jericho to Rhodes

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