NCAA Football 10' Adds Yet Another Touch of Reality

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NCAA Football 10' Adds Yet Another Touch of Reality
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Woo-hoo! It's out today! NCAA Football 10' promises to be even more exciting than women's shot-put(If that's even possible). I have purchased and played each NCAA football game since their first production and I won't be stopping the trend this year, especially with the new fresh ideas they have came up with.

My favorite feature about the game is the player lock, which is where you can hop in and out of a that players particular perspective(never been done before) and with the click of a button, you can go back to normal.

For instance, I was of course playing with the Gators against the Sooners in the Demo. I would run a speed option with Tebow(player lock) and it actually felt like I was back in my middle school days, looking for a hole. With no room left to run, I'd pitch option to Rainey(never had a guy that fast in middle school), where then I could easily switch my player lock to him, OR stay on Tebow and continue to block while the computer handles the ball. It's just completely different ways to contribute to the team.

The best was sitting back in a cover 2 with Spikes, where the camera is flipped around and directly behind him! The controls are then reversed, and it is just SO much more realistic. You can play as your favorite player, wherever they are on the field. You can roam the field, head-hunting with Taylor Mays, run your own routes with the unstoppable A.J. Green, or break tackles with Jahvid Best.

It's in stores now, and if ever on the Playstation Network, you can receive a swift beating by challenging HoweverImBetter, who is yours truly.

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