Making Educated Guesses

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Making Educated Guesses
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Inevitable; College Football’s Happenings 2010.


As we anxiously await the first whistles’ blow starting the 2010 season, I am going to go ahead and inform you of the future of college football, or at least next season. I had a very extensive, vivid dream last night with the highlights of the upcoming season and I thought I would share.



Carroll and the Trojans of USC lose to a team that they shouldn’t.

As dominant as they have been over the past decade, and I stress the emphasis on dominant, they will yet again lose to an over-matched opponent. September 25 of last year, at around 10 o’clock, a little back by the name of Jacquizz Rodgers (from Oregon State of all places) made a huge impression on me as I watched him slice through the thoroughbred defense of the USC Trojans. The beavers ended up knocking off the #1 team in America that night in shocking fashion. This was not the first time, however, that the top-ranked Trojans fell to an undersized opponent with little chance prior to kickoff.


Stanford and UCLA are among the others who have ended Carroll’s title hopes, and the California Golden Bears will be the next on October 3 when star running back, Jahvid “Bests” the boys of Troy.


Despite everything, Lane Kiffen has a 9+ win season.

Say what you will about Kiffen, I sure have, but the guy gets attention to what was a recently dwindling program. Kiffen is coming into 2010 with a solid defense, led by Eric “So Scary” Berry. UT’s defense was amongst the best in the SEC. The problem with the volunteers last year (along with most of the SEC) was their offensive production. I predict new arrivals, Bryce Brown and Nu'Keese Richardson, will make an early impact and could possibly rejuvenate this stagnant offense.


Kiffen will surprise the doubters in 2010 with some crafty plays and some big risks in an effort to back up his unclose-able mouth.


Penn State fades back into the shadows.

I think most State fans will agree with me on this one…. just kidding. Now don’t get me wrong, State will still have a winning season, but that’s just not enough when playing in the struggling Big-10. The Nits lose some big names, and will not create the magic that they had last season. I also don’t see any recruits which will make an immediate impact, offensively. Then again, I’m no doctor Lou, so I could be way wrong on this one.


State losses badly to every ranked team it plays.



Colt McCoy wins the Heisman trophy.

The boys in orange and blue, down there in Gainesville, are sure catching a lot of criticism for the soft scheduling, and an easy route to repeat….but what I find to be interesting is that the Texas longhorns, many experts’ pre-season favorite, have quite a smooth sail as well with no criticism in the least. UF’s out of conference opponents are actually tougher than UT’s. Texas’ toughest opponent aside from their in-conference play, is UCF, and although a good team, if far inferior to FSU. My point is that Texas will sail through to the National Championship Game, right after Colt wins the Heisman, and they will do it with fewer bumps in the road than UF. McCoy slings the skin with incredible accuracy, and has wonderful scrambling abilities as well.


Texas will beat Tech and OU and no other game has a chance of being close.McCoy beats out Tim Tebow and Jevan Snead for the bronze statue.


UGA has one of the hardest preseason schedules I’ve ever seen, because of this, their record ends littered with Ls.

The Dawgs typically play better when they are supposed to be having a “down” year. Vice Versa, we saw last year what the Dawgs did with the number #1 preseason ranking, and the #1 overall draft pick….not much. Implicating this theory, I originally thought UGA would be a sleeper team this season….then I reviewed their preseason schedule and completely changed my mind. The Dawgs out of conference schedule is second to none. For god’s sake, UGA plays at Oklahoma State, and at Georgia Tech! If that wasn’t enough, a senior-led Arizona state squad strolls into Athens, hungry with revenge motivation.


UGA fights hard, but finishes the season 7-5, after a bowl win.


What else does Tebow accomplish?

It's plain and simple...perfection, a simple word that encompasses so much. Mentioned in his post game speech, which ignited the soon to be BCS bound Gator squad, was Tebow's passion about a perfect season ruined. The gators return the best defensive and special teams unit in the nation, hands down. Along with 2 of the fastest backs, a whole slew of sub 4.4 playmakers, and the most decorated player ever, the gators are frothing at the bits. With FSU still working its way back to the top, the gator's out of conference schedule is a cool breeze. UF's toughest test will be when they visit Baton Rouge, a night. Death Valley, in the evening, is anything but a breeze. LSU's defense just reloads, and they look to have an incredible explosive offensive unit.


UF beats LSU in overtime, and continues on to beat Texas in the Rose Bowl to seal UF first undefeated season.

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