T.O. Shows Maturity But Leaves ABC's The Superstars with a Tongue-Lashing

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T.O. Shows Maturity But Leaves ABC's The Superstars with a Tongue-Lashing

T.O. on The Superstars

Many of you may have waited in anticipation for the premier of the ABC series The Superstars. The show brings back fond memories for me when I was growing up watching real athletes challenge each other in tests of physical ability and skill.

Since we are in the era of big contracts and exclusivity, many star athletes do not participate in these sort of outside the sport activities. When I heard that Terrell Owens was going to be on the show, I set the DVR and waited for a display of talent that surely would propel him to the championship.

On Tuesday night T.O. was introduced with the other athletes and celebrities, which included stars such as Jennifer Capriati, Jeff Kent, Robert Horry, Kristi Leskinen, Bode Miller, Brandi Chastain and Lisa Charvet.

Not really a Who's Who of sports, so shouldn't be much competition for T.O., right?


Each athlete was teamed up with a celebrity and T.O. got hooked up with a foul-mouthed and nasty-spirited supermodel named Joanna Krupa.

A Telltale Sign in the First Event

In the first event, each team had to share a bicycle to complete a 1.1 mile run/bike across a steeply arched bridge. Each team had to develop a strategy to share the bike and finish the race ahead of the other seven teams.

T.O. pedaled hard up the bridge and handed the bike off to his partner at the apex of the bridge to give her the downhill portion of the race to bike and run.

Every other team's bike rider sped down the bridge and left the bike for their partner that was running, so that they could finish somewhere close to each other.

Krupa rides the bike all the way to the finish line, finishing first out of all the contestants, but first place doesn't matter until your partner finishes. All the other teams start rolling/running in together.

T.O. is the only partner that has to intentionally run the whole last half of the race. Capriati couldn't find her bike, so she ended up running also and finished last.

Total Team Meltdown

T.O. and Krupa were in the bottom four at the end of the night and the losers that would get sent home would be decided in two heats of an obstacle course.

No problem for T.O., right?

Wrong again!

T.O. looked like a champ starting off on the obstacle course, in which the teams went through in a relay fashion, with the first team member going and the second one starting after the first teammate finishes.

T.O. zipped over a roped wall, through some weaving obstacles over a couple of hurdles and then...Oops, he got stuck in a cargo net.

When I say stuck, I mean really stuck—his foot was entangled for at least a minute and a half while his opposition zoomed past him.

The cargo net was demonstrated by former NFL star Warren Sapp before the event. Sapp went smoothly through, rolling his hefty body cleanly through the obstacle in about eight seconds—this same obstacle had T.O. tied up for around two minutes.

After T.O. broke loose and his partner joined him at the finish line, she refused to give him a "high five" and told him, "You call yourself an athlete?" T.O. didn't respond and walked away.

Since T.O. and Krupa lost the first heat, they had to go through the obstacle again in the elimination heat.

In the final elimination heat, T.O. went through like the champ that we all know him to be, giving his partner a slight two second lead over her competition.

This time Krupa was the one that tangled up in the cargo net.

T.O. waited for his partner like a true team player and welcomed her with open arms and a smile. Krupa promptly told T.O. to leave her alone and that she didn't have anything to say to him.

Then in the following camera shots, Krupa states, "They pay you to play in the NFL? You call yourself an athlete?" Then shouts a few expletives that are bleeped out.

Overall, Krupa made herself out to be the biggest ass in recent memory. Terrell Owens conducted himself like a true team player and offered a "well done" to his partner, but was greeted with one of the worst attitudes ever seen.

Krupa displayed all the things and more that people expected to see from Terrell if they lost, but Owens conduct really shows that he has matured as a competitor.

This display of character and confidence bodes well for the Buffalo Bills.

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