One For The Critics: Finding A Way For One and All

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One For The Critics: Finding A Way For One and All
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Very recently, I found an article on a similar topic on Bleacher Report. The author made some great points, but mine is on a, somewhat, different note. Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. The following piece contains a lot of subjective statements and contains a lot of "me" in it.


My tryst with B/R to this date has been a soothing one. It turned out to be the re-ignition of my somewhat dwindling passion for pro wrestling. What I feel is that it is a way to vent our opinions and voice and our thoughts about our sports—read sports entertainment if you please.


This inner-feeling that Cena sucks was always inside me, but all I found around me were whom I thought to be "no-insight," fun-loving characters telling me how awesome he is. Here on B/R, this anti-Cena crowd made me feel amongst equals—equals regarding wrestling of course.


That was a shower of my sentiments and "emotions drenched love" for B/R.


Now let me find the ways I was trying to tread upon.


The internet people—me too—and bloggers are basically having a more critical opinion about their sport. After years of devotion and insight, they feel a tad ahead of others who just watch it.


For me it's Jericho. For my folks it’s Cena. We dread the PG rating. We yuck at the Santina nonsense and Superman making Slowpoke submit. We vocalize the "voices in our heads" on how Matt Hardy should be a champion by now and how Kane is being unjustly treated. After all, Kane is a hit with fans—his India tour was a success.


I read a lot of comments about how this Trump angle spells doom for them, but many still agree it will bring some ratings. Here, I am doing a Joe Burgett: How can that be stupid if it brings ratings? Now don’t call on me for plagiarizing.


What I honestly feel is that we tend to be overly skeptical and critical about things and lose the neutrality of relishing what we see. We only form a small portion of the hundreds of thousands of fans.


I agree that wrestling is not what it was a decade back. Pops were blasting, promos were hilarious, and women were being stripped. The scene has definitely turned shades, but we should not hail Randy Orton as god one day and shun him because he lost the title little early for our liking.


I will clear the air with my guy, HHH.


He was part of Attitude Era and was engaged in some great feuds—i.e. The Rock and Mick Foley. He has been leader of two of the greatest stables of all time: DX and Evolution. Still, he receives much flack for the woman he is with. The lady could not find a man more engaging and worthy. The band wagon starts rolling every time he wins a championship or even just a match. With his entire family punted out, did you expect him to lose at WrestleMania 25? Now that’s some incredible story-telling. He always works great matches in ring and his shtick work is incredible—be it heel or face promos. He completely dominated and carried Raw from 2002 to 2004. Try recalling a heel with such dominance.


I am marking for him, but would want somebody to do better. There were many people who loved Vickie slithering in the slop. YUCK!


In all, it was not some wise man's word-ship, but piece of my opinions. We just need to ease off a bit and wait for things to flow before we intervene. The world of blogging  is getting boring and predictable. WWE always will be about money, but they give us classics time and time again. Life always comes a full circle.


I have reached a dead end, but hope you find the way to make it happen for me and you.

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