Shaqtin' a Fool: Joakim Noah Is Left Hanging

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Isn't Joakim Noah already frustrated enough this season? Why would teammate Tony Snell go and make him more upset?

Between dropping triple-doubles like crazy and somehow carrying the Chicago Bulls back into the Eastern Conference playoffs, Noah has more to worry about than halfhearted chest bumps. Sit down if you're not gonna do it right, rookie. Sit down.

Sans Shaq, the latest episode of Shaqtin' a Fool/Kennying Around/Chuck the Fool also brings us the worst pick ever, the worst Tracy McGrady impression ever and Corey Brewer taking out all his frustrations on former Denver Nuggets teammate Kenneth Faried.

There's also the time that Manu Ginobili realized NBA refs wear basically the same colors as the San Antonio Spurs but don't actually play for the Spurs (insert 2013 NBA Finals griping and/or insulting here). 

Get your NBA giggles with Kenny, Ernie and the whole gang on TNT's Shaqtin' a Fool!

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