Introducing B/R's New Comment Rating System

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Introducing B/R's New Comment Rating System

As we continue to spend our days mapping out the new Rewards and Reputations system on Bleacher Report (along with the various pages and features the new system will affect), we've come to an important realization: 

This Community needs a new comment rating system.  

I've explained in a previous post that going forward, we will be rewarding quality above all else on Bleacher Report.

There are two primary ways by which Bleacher Creatures can contribute quality analysis to the Community: article writing and comment posting.  

We currently have a variety of both internal and Community metrics to gauge quality article writing.  Every article submission on Bleacher Report is screened for quality by our editorial staff; things like POTD votes and number of reads generated will also prove useful in designing a Writer Ranking system where our most talented authors are given top honors.

Comments, however, are another story entirely.  Right now we have poor metrics for determining quality analysis in the threads.

After a series of discussions on the matter, we've concluded that the current rating system is being overlooked by the Community because it's too complex and time consuming.  With such a vast amount of discussions to participate in on B/R, it seems unreasonable to expect you guys to carefully evaluate each and every comment in a thread as "Funny," "Insightful," and "Spot On."

We know you guys want to spend the vast majority of your time writing comments, not rating them.  So we've unveiled a new system that will allow you to rate comments with ease and be on your way to the next debate!

From here on out, if you stumble across a high-quality comment, please click "Great Comment" underneath it before moving on.  

That's all you have to do.  If the comment is crappy, bad, or okay, just move on without clicking anything.

This is the most simple system we could possibly think of and we're confident that it will give us reliable data on who the most thoughtful commenters in the Community are.

I am writing this Community Matters post as a rallying cry of sorts; I cannot stress how essential it is that everyone make an effort to use the new system!   

Please spread the word and do your part to help out in the cause to pave the way for the new Rewards and Reputations system to value quality above all else.  Like most things around here, this is truly a team effort.  

Thank as always to everyone for your help.  Please speak up with questions, comments, or concerns in the threads below.

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