Do LeBron and Company Have Enough in The Tank To Beat Orlando?

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Do LeBron and Company Have Enough in The Tank To Beat Orlando?
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You are a fan leaving the stadium. You are so pumped about the Cavs winning game 5. Meanwhile LeBron James is shaking hands with Jay-Z and A-Rod!!

What is it going to take to get to Game 7 and win...

The focus is off of Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. The focus is now on LeBron James and his ability to rally the Cavs to a "Magical" game 7.

The fact remains that without the help of his teammates LeBron is simply a player, not a team. Mo Williams can promise the world a championship birth but is that meaningful? Can you fathom the idea of LeBron ever telling the media that "we promise a championship!" ???  NEVER, right?

I just got home from work to watch the 4th quarter of game 5. Cracking open a Miller lite eased the pain of a possibility that this may be the last game for the Cavs. No, I'm not a huge fan of the Cavs. Yes, I'm a band-wagoner. I wanted the Celtics to win and they fell short. I can't cheer for Kobe (although I know that they will win the championship) so the next best thing is to cheer for James.

Ilgauskas, West and Williams are the difference makers in this series. If they can out-produce their counterparts its a sure thing that game 7 will be in the question. Lewis, Alston and Gortat really seem to come to life at home in Orlando. If game six allows Howard to explode, his team-mates will file suit and game 7 will be obsolete.

So how do you defend Howard? You do that by taking him out of his game. You run up and down the court and get him winded. Alowing him to post up on Ilgauskas only to slam in his 7 foot 3 face is not going to win in Orlando. Double teaming him and fouling him to the free-throw line will take him out of the game.

Look for the Cavs to come out swinging. If they have a 8+ point lead going into the half you can bet we are going to game 7. Not for nothing but I really don't care if they don't. I just look for one more excuse to drink beer. This has been the best "playoffs to drink to" EVER! Buzzer beater after another! Overtime... bonus!

If Jay-Z, Brady Quin and A-Rod have anything to say about... just ask LeBron!


Game 6; Orlando 93   Cavs 99

Game 7; Orlando 102  Cavs 103

meanwhile... Lakers take it in 6 games!

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