Questions for David Garrard of the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Questions for David Garrard of the Jacksonville Jaguars
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David Garrard is the offensive leader of the team, and not just because he is the quarterback. The players respect him and look to him for guidance. As an NFL player, he has evolved tremendously since he started. He has one of the best insights as to how the offense has changed over the offseason.

If given the chance, I would love an interview with him and I would ask him the following questions:

1. What did you learn about yourself in the struggle of last season? What did you learn about the game of football? About the fans? 

2. You're son is almost two now. How has he changed your perspective on what the game of football can do to your body? 

3. How do you handle having Crohn's disease while still playing as a starter in the NFL? Are there certain things that you can't do that others can? How do you compensate for that?

4. You've lost weight in the offseason. What did you go through? How do you think this has helped you?

5. How are you approaching this season differently than the two previous seasons you've had as a starter? 

6. What is a typical day for you in the offseason? How does that compare to the regular season? Are workouts harder for you in the offseason or the regular season?

7. Without giving too much away, how heavily do you think the Jaguars will rely on the run game in the upcoming season? Do you think your throwing arm might get worked out a little more than in seasons past?

8. How has Torry Holt helped the roster? Are you noticing a considerable change in chemistry with the wide receivers? 

9. On, there's a fan poll that asks how the fans think the Jaguars will do next year. Some people think you will go all the way to the Super Bowl. What do you think is a realistic expectation for the season? 

10. How do you think playing in the AFC South will affect your chances at the playoffs? Which team do you think will give you the most trouble? Why?

12. Which home game do you think will be the toughest? Which away game? 

11. What is one thing that you think would surprise the people watching the Jaguars next season?

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