The Golden State Warriors and The Off Season: What a Wonderful World?

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The Golden State Warriors and The Off Season: What a Wonderful World?
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As the NBA Draft Lottery approaches and the recent announcement of the promotion of Larry Riley as the Golden State Warriors' new General Manager, speculation about what sort of moves the Warriors will be making about next season and their future arise within every Warrior fan's consciousness. 

What pick will the Warriors receive in the lottery? Who will they pick? What sort of free agency moves are available? What are the possible trade opportunities are they exploring? These are all questions that every die-hard or even non-die-hard Warriors fan are asking themselves within this very off season.

These are also questions that have no answers, as of yet, with which I would like to propose the possibilities of answers that the Warriors will hopefully realize this summer.

First off, the Warriors have 4.3 percent chance of getting the number one pick in this year's draft, according to ESPN's NBA Mock Draft Lottery. Although 4.3 percent presents a chance of them getting the number overall pick, let's not put all our beans in this basket and that means Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio are pretty much out of the picture. 

Most likely, the Warriors would land with a pick between six through 10. This draft reminds me of the recent NFL Draft, in that there are no outstanding guys out of the bunch. None present any sort of spectacular abilities as in past drafts or even personalities that warrant even me talking about in this very piece.

With that, the Warriors should go after the best player on the board, regardless of position. You might be saying, the Warriors have to go after a big physical guy in the paint to help with some boards. However, the Warriors do not need the Draft to get their large presence on the inside. I will speak more about this later. If DeJuan Blair, Hasheem Thabeet, or James Johnson all happen to be the best guy when the Warriors pick, then go for it.

However, in each of the selections between six through 10, who I think might be available, the best possibly answer could be Stephen Curry. He is smart, he can score, and can quite possibly can solve the Warriors' issue at the point.

Next, free agency. The Warriors do not need to sign anyone in free agency other than C.J. Watson. Watson has proved himself that he can play in the NBA and will be the Warriors' starting point guard at the beginning of next season.

Next, the trade possibilities could be endless, only if the Warriors had some bodies to actually trade, which I think they do. The Warriors signed a dumb contract with Corey Maggette, that I am more than happy to trade away. He played well as a sixth man, but does not deserve the money for not passing and getting a million free throws a season. 

The mess that the Warriors find themselves in, currently, all stems back from Baron Davis' departure to the Clippers. Then came Monta Ellis' moped accident. Then dominoes began to crumble and "We believe" turned into "We don't believe."

Monta signed a beautiful contract that takes his prime in a Warriors jersey, however I do not see a future with him on the team. There are too many shooters on this team. Ellis is just one of them who ruined any sort of beautiful future with this franchise with his accident. This is why the Warriors should trade him.

That leaves Ellis and Maggette on the trading block and with new beginnings in Toronto. Much has been rumored about Chris Bosh leaving the Toronto Raptors and the time is this off season. The Warriors should actively pursue Chris Bosh with all their might. If that means to send Monta, Maggette, and maybe even one more body like Brandan Wright, do so!

Chris Bosh would make this Warriors team larger than what it has been in the past few years. He would make them longer, with him, Andris Biedrins, and Anthony Morrow on your front line. This trade would be ideal and fit the running style that Don Nelson hopes to implement once again and provide much help on the inside.

The draft and free agency are important parts to rebuilding the future for this Warriors franchise. However, none of these moves would matter if the Warriors do not acquire Chris Bosh. Acquiring Chris Bosh will make this Warriors off season very exciting, much more wonderful than last year's. Chris Bosh in a Warriors uniform will make the world that much more wonderful and that is what this franchise needs.

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