John Wall: Where Will the Standout Point Guard Wind Up?

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John Wall: Where Will the Standout Point Guard Wind Up?

John Wall has kept thousands of basketball fans out there anxious for his decision on what school he will play for next year. He is a five star prospect and the No. 1 PG in the 2009 class, according to and He has a game that is similar to Derrick Rose.

He specializes in quickness, taking the ball right pass a defender straight to the hoop. He has shot blocking ability that resembles Dwayne Wades. He jump out the gym and dunk on pretty much anybody.

He averaged 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 9 assists his senior year at Word of God Academy. His jump shot is the part of his game that he needs to improve the most.

He was suppose to narrow his top schools down last week, but then he was charged with a misdemeanor of Breaking and Entering and not a lot of information on him has been reported since.

He was stopped by a police officer around midnight when he was caught leaving a house that was being constructed. There was nothing found stolen, and he was cooperative with the officer. So is this misdemeanor not as bad as it seems? Or is it a serious thing that schools need to take into consideration?

I think it is not as bad as it seems. Plenty of kids have walked through an abandoned house or a house that is in the middle of construction before. Was it smart by Wall? No. Not at all. He is the best High School PG in the nation, he should know better than doing things like this.

The only school I could see this really affecting is Duke, because they usually do not deal with players who have bad track records...but you never know.

The schools he would narrow his list from would be North Carolina State, Kentucky, Duke, Florida, Miami, Baylor, Kansas, Oregon, and Memphis. He has no interest in Oregon, Memphis (since Cal left), and Kansas.

UNC's coach Roy Williams has contacted him one time at the Final Four, but not Carolina is probably out of the picture. Kentucky recently signed a four star and the sixth ranked PG (according to the nation, Eric Bledsoe.

In an interview Bledsoe state that he would share time with Wall, but would Wall want to share time with Blesoe? I see this being a big factor for Wall and Kentucky, but I still see Wall selecting them in his top three.

In my own opinion I see Wall's top three being Kentucky, NC State, and Florida. John Wall is also eligible for the 2009 NBA Draft, but has said he is going to college.

Reason in Wall choosing Kentucky.

It is his best fit. This is the team that will have the best players for him to be around. He will have John Calipari as a coach who has developed some great guards recently. He developed Derrick Rose in one season in NCAA, and was recently named this year's NBA Rookie of the Year.

Last year Tyreke Evans improved enough to where he and NBA scouts think he is ready for the NBA. In my opinion that is a huge attraction for top rated guards. Also, if Wall goes to Kentucky he has a really good chance to win the SEC and also a good chance to make a run in March.

Reason in Wall choosing NC State.

Sidney Lowe. Lowe was the first one to offer Wall in high school. No other school was giving this kid any attention, but Lowe saw some potential in him. Wall's mother loves NC State and Sidney as well.

Plus, she wants her son to stay close to home too. John Wall also already has a relationship with NC State's team.

For the past couple of years he has played pick up games with players from NC State, which is a great thing for team chemistry, because he knows them all and how they play their game too. Lastly, he could have a "Kevin Durant" type impact on NC State (since he is probably going to enter the NBA after one season).

He would turn NC State's program around being an automatic fan favorite, since he is from Raleigh. He could be the player to start a foundation for future NC State players to build on, and who will try and make NC State a top program again.

Personally, this is where I want Wall to go...because I am a State fan. I could write on Wall and State all day, but I need to finish this article.

Reasons in Wall choosing Florida

Since Nick Calathes declared for the NBA draft, Billy Donovan has been recruiting Wall hard. He flew all the way up to Oregon to watch him play in a tournament. Donovan has shown that he really wants this kid, and Wall has shown Florida some interest.

Wall at Florida would be interesting, because they would probably compete with Kentucky next year for the SEC and possibly be a sleeper team in March.

In reality, no one knows where John Wall is going. At the beginning of the year NC State message boards were saying he had giving the commitment to Lowe, but did sign because he was  getting a lot of exposure.

Then on the message boards it would have his top three listed, with everyday his top schools being different. It got to the point, that I just quit reading the boards and only believed what Wall said in interviews.

John Wall has dragged this recruitment process out way to long, and have some fans irritated. Hopefully his  decision will come soon, and best a luck to him wherever he goes.

-If you have not seen footage on John Wall. I suggest you watch this youtube video.

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