Dream Match Breakdown #3: Big Show Vs Andre The Giant

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Dream Match Breakdown #3: Big Show Vs Andre The Giant

Well it seems I've been on a bit of a flurry recently but I credit writing this article with the poor response my last one got. If you have not read it please do so at the following link:

That being said I'm going to move straight into my next article, breaking down what can only be a called a war of the giants, a battle of the Goliaths. A dream match that has been widely discussed and debated since 1995, Big Show Vs Andre The Giant. Who would possibly win in this colossal pairing? Well lets take a look.

1) Size

Andre was widely referred to as the 8thwonder of the world and the nickname suited him. At the peak of his career Andre stood at 7'4 and weighted as much as 550 pounds. With this unbelievable size came dominating strength that only the very largest and strongest athletes could possibly even come close to matching. Andre was as close to being a giant as human being has ever come.

The Big show is no slouch himself in terms of size, though Andre was considerably larger. Big Show stands at 7'0 and weighs 441 pounds. He is the closest a wrestler has ever come to being Andre's height and weight, so much so that when he first debuted WCW claimed he was Andre's son. They called him the Giant and he truly earned that nickname as Andre earned his.

2) Getting started

Andre was discovered by Lord Alfred Hayes, whom is widely remembered as being the WWE commentator during the 80s. He was brought to Paris to train. Edourard Carpentier agreed to train Andre as there were few who would train with someone of Andre's immense size and strength. For the next several years Andre wrestled across Europe New Zealand and Africa, and soon later in Japan and Canada.

The Big Show was originally brought to Chicago as a potential football player. He showed little interest in football and though he did possess a great interest in wrestling. Jim Strauser, whom was the one that brought Big Show to Chicago, was able to get Big Show on a radio show where he met Hulk Hogan. He would soon enter The Monster Factory, the school which famously produced Bam Bam Bigelow. After seven months of difficult training he signed with WCW.

3) Main Event Quality

Andre was easily one of the biggest draws throughout the 70s and much of the 80s. He had great feuds with other "giants" including Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy. He won a 20 man battle royal at Wrestlemania 2 which featured NFL stars as well as wrestlers. However his most known rivalry against Hulk Hogan is easily counted among one of the greatest feuds in all of wrestling history.

The Big Show has seen more than his share of Main events though the quality of such has dissipated in recent years. He started wrestling Hogan in WCW. He also had a few great matches with Kevin Nash and a rather interest match with Goldberg before moving on to the WWE. Some of the more impressive matches he has had involved Mankind, the Rock and the Undertaker.

4) Championships

Despite his impressive size Andre really never shined through with Championship reigns. Most of them were tag titles and four of these reign were tag titles outside the WWE. He only held two titles in WWE. He held the tag titles with Haku, in a reign that lasted a rather generic 109 days. His other reign was with the world title and you would expect a dominating and impressive reign as champion. What you actually got was the shortest title reign in the history of the WWE championship lasting a mere 8 seconds because he tried to give it to Ted Dibiase and as a result the title was vacated. However He was the first person to be inducted into the WWE hall of Fame as far back as 1993.

Big Show was much more dominate in the area of championship titles. He is a four time heavyweight champion, two reigns with the WCW title and two with the WWE title. However his longest heavyweight title reign was only 110 days. He is held the US title in a reign that lasted 147 days. He held the hardcore title three times and The ECW championship once in a reign that has been the longest since WWE reincarnated the brand. He has really shined in the tag team division being a six time tag champion, three in WCW and three in WWE.

5) Move-set

Andre has a number of moves that showed off his size and strength. One that is often noted is the headbutt which, from him, often brought opponents to the ground. Another that he commonly used was the Samoan drop though he used this less and less in later years. Every wrestler back then had the scoop slam in their move-set but few had Andre's immense strength. He showed that he could easily slam people the Big Shows size when he slammed Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy.

Big Show had a move-set very similar to Andre's. His Headbutt is very notable though not on par with Andre's. His delayed Vertical suplex is impressive though it is doubt-able he could suplex Andre, let alone hold him in the air for a while before he does it. The Sidewalk slam is a nice move and he has shown that he is more than capable of hitting it on Giants as he has done the move to the Undertaker, Kevin Nash and Kane.

6) Finishers

Andre's finishing moves weren't anything special and were actually common moves that were made more effective by Andres great strength. These moves included the elbow drop, seated splash/butt dive, big splash pin, and double underhook suplex. Many of these moves would be ineffective against the Big Show due to him being similar size. The one of Andre's finishers that could still stand as a finishing move is his variation of the tombstone piledriver which he used scarcely.

The quality of Big Show's finishers is much better than Andre's. The most common one and the one most likely everyone has seen is the Chokeslam though Big Show would not be able to use this move on Andre because it is doubtful there is anyone alive that could have picked up Andre with one hand. Another is the cobra clutch backbreaker though slamming someone as big as Andre onto one's knee would likely snap it. The Final cut wouldn't even be bothered with for once more the reason of size. The inverted leghookbulldog may work to keep Andre down. The most likely Finisher Big Show would go with is the knockout punch.

Final Winner: Big Show

This decision may be heavily disputed as Andre is most commonly looked on as the better giant but look at this way. Andre relied on his size to dominate his opponents. He was a good six to seven inches taller than even some of the bigger guys he fought and outweighed them by a good 150-200 pounds, and his moves and finishers were very generic because he was much stronger than most of his opponents. Big Show however has constantly faced off against opponents nearly his equal in height and weight and beaten them.

Stepping into a match like this Big Show would have a great experience edge facing off against someone similar in size, which is something Andre lacks. I'm not disputing Andre's legacy as he is one of the greatest to ever step inside the ring and has picked up a string of great wins against legends of the squared circle but if it ever had come down to Big Show and Andre I know who I would put my money on. I think people should stop looking at Big Show as the next Andre and as a whole new entity.


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