New Orleans Saints Interviewed TE Chase Coffman at the Combine

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New Orleans Saints Interviewed TE Chase Coffman at the Combine

"At the NFL Scouting Combine, the...New Orleans Saints... were among the teams that invited him to meet with them for a formal interview."


I know, I know, I know.  Many Saints fans out there are going to be replying to the news of the team having interviewed Mizzou TE Chase Coffman by saying "Not another TE!" or "How many TE's does Sean Payton need to run his offense anyway?" 

The Saints and their seemingly never-ending love affair with Tight Ends under the Sean Payton administration does not really bother me at all.

I have been saying for many years that I often wished the Saints would utilize tight ends in their offenses on a more regular basis and now it appears that they actually are.  Personally, I love it!

Chase Coffman highlights can be seen here:

Coffman sure does like the signature Knowshon Marino move of jumping over defenders, doesn't he?

He does have great hands for a TE and excellent control over his body for such a tall guy and I REALLY think that if he could get up to about 260 pounds without losing his overall athleticism, he'd be an even better fit for the NFL.

I am very hopeful that the Saints can work out some kind of a trade-down deal to snag some of the necessary later-round picks that will be necessary to get some of what I believe to be the REAL gems of this particular draft class. 

Late first-, second- and third-round picks are what the Saints should truly be after here in my opinion to add to what they already have in two mid-fourth rounders and a high/mid-seventh rounder. 

The Saints have been great at finding REAL gems the past few years in the later rounds (Marques Colston, late seventh round; Adrian Arrington, seventh round) of the draft as well as even after the drafts (Pierre Thomas) and I would expect this year to be no different for them. 

I am confident that they will get at least one trade-down deal to come their way on draft day.

Personally, I do not believe this to be a "smoke and mirrors" pre-draft move myself.  Think about it! Coach Payton's offense relies quite heavily on having a great pass-catching TE in the line-up to allow for an array of differing distractions to show to the defenses and confuse them as well as to use for goal-line play calls that can score TD's on a regular basis. 

He currently has Jeremy Shockey and Billy Miller at his disposal right now and he will continue to use them for this purpose as long as they can both remain healthy and reliable options for him at the position, but it's never a bad idea to scout new prospects and potentially draft them for the future now, is it?



Derrick Smith (RealheavyD)

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