The Jacksonville Jaguars ARE Getting New Uniforms in 2009

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The Jacksonville Jaguars ARE Getting New Uniforms in 2009
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After months of speculation (not to mention 34 pages on the Jaguars message board), we finally have some solid information about the Jaguars' uniforms in 2009. In yesterday’s Ask Vic column, the following question was asked:

Matt from Jacksonville

I renewed my two season tickets. I just wanted to say that after the depression of last season, I am really looking forward to this brand new day of Jaguars football, and I’m very encouraged about what we have done so far. My question: Are we getting new uniforms this year as the rumors suggest, and is it true they will be radically different?

Vic: I saw them, but I had to vow not to describe what I had seen, which is no problem because I’ve already forgotten what I saw. I’m not a big fashion guy. I already know what I’m going to wear to work tomorrow: khaki pants and a short-sleeve sport shirt, which is what I’m wearing now and pretty much wear every day. In the winter and late fall, I wear a long-sleeve sport shirt, and sometimes even a sweater vest if it’s really cold or I’m in a daring mood.

So there you have it folks—Vic confirms that the Jaguars will be getting new uniforms, but he can’t say what they will look like, and he doesn’t really remember what they look like. So my guess is that there will be nothing drastic changed with the uniforms, but they will make some design changes much like the Falcons and Vikings did a few years back.

Expect the uniforms to be unveiled within the next month, sometime before the draft.

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