In a Nutshell: Random Sports Thoughts

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In a Nutshell: Random Sports Thoughts

Am I the only one in anticipation of Joe Torre's tell-all book of Manny Ramirez's cricket career?

Is March Madness not the coolest postseason in all of sports?

Imagine if MLB players would play the All-Star game with as much pride as they have so far in the World Baseball Classic. Could you imagine a postgame celebration in the All-Star Game like there was with the United States' ninth inning rally against Puerto Rico? 

And with the level of players in the game, can't you imagine how good that game should be?

Will there be any backlash for Tiger Woods after having performance-enhancing surgery?

Phil Mickelson has a chance to push Tiger out of the No. 1 ranking soon. My thinking is, even if it happens, he'll just be renting it. 

And, oh yeah, Henrik Stenson? Get a tan.

Aaron Boone is going to have open heart surgery. It's just a few years after requiring many Red Sox fans to have the same surgery.

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade are fighting for an MVP trophy coming down the stretch. Quite possibly, this is because they are the only three players to avoid injury this season.

I'm waiting for Lane Kiffin to blurt out that Barack Obama didn't win the Presidential election legally.

I can't wait for West Coast fans to cry about Obama's "East Coast Bias" when they see his March Madness bracket.

I think we're in need of about 20,000 more NFL mock drafts.

I couldn't help but suspect Plaxico Burress when I found out that Houston Rockets' forward Carl Landry was shot in the leg.

The NHL regular season is getting ready to wrap up to prepare for a year and a half of playoff games.

Well, back to March Madness for me to see which teams will bust my bracket apart this year. As long as I do better than Obama, I'll be happy.

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