JJ Redick-Adam Morrison: How The Mighty Have Fallen

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JJ Redick-Adam Morrison: How The Mighty Have Fallen

Just three years ago Adam Morrison of Gonzaga, and JJ Redick of Duke shook up the college world and made it there own personal show with Redick putting up 40 on Texas one night and Morrison the next.

Now both are fighting just to get 20 minutes of playtime. Does any one remember Redick, the man who was possibly the greatest shooter in NCAA history, or Morrison who, in 2006, actually averaged 2.5 more points in a game then Redick, battling him for the right to be named NCAA Player of the Year.

After this famous bout for the POY, both were lottery picks in the NBA draft, with Morrison going third to the Charlotte Bobcats, and Redick going 11th to the Orlando Magic.

When Micheal Jordan drafted Morrison with the third overall pick expectations for the Gonzaga star were sky high. He began his career on the bench battling for the starting job.

Two months into the season Morrison set a career high with 30 points. To this day that stands as his career high. Also Morrison's liabilities on defense began to show as his minutes took a spin. In his rookie year he averaged 11.8 points, respectful for his rookie season.

Every thing came crashing down when in Oct. 2007 Morrison landed harshly in a preseason game. He tore his left ACL. He went on to miss the rest of the season.

Morrison is only averaging 4.9 points ever since he returned last fall. He has become a forgetten man as he averages only 15.3 minutes per game. He has spent the time in a bench-warmer role behined Raja Bell, and Matt Carroll.

Even when Carroll got traded to Dallas the next game Morrison played only seven minutes and scored one point.

Redick has only played in about 90 games since entering the league. Like Morrison, Redick has trouble staying on his man on defense. One can argue that Redick is too small to play shooting guard listed at only 6'4".

Head coach Stan Van Gundy tells Redick that he better hit your jump shots or else he is out when he enters games. Ever since those comments Redick has requested a trade many times.

This season though, mostly in recent months, Redick has cracked the rotation. He had a four-game run of double-digit points in January and has kept up with that rhythm ever since.

Van Gundy likes Redick offensively and has said he doesn't hurt them on the defense side of the ball. Even with Redick's current hot streak there are rumors he could be dealt to Phoenix, although it is very unlikley a trade will happen.

Redick, 24, expects nothing more, or anything for his stake.

"I,ve started games, then I've been totally out of the rotation, and then I've been back in."

Redick's career high is 18 points, set against the Washington Wizards last year. This year he averaging 17.4 minutes and 5.9 points.

People are still wondering how two college superstars of that caliber fall so short of maybe the unrealistic expectations surrounding them.

Maybe it was the explosive scoring output they put up in college, or maybe it was just the fact that there just not that talented.

Maybe its the fact that Redick and Morrison are realizing the fact that people in the NBA are bigger and more athletic. Now players can create there own shots, and there's a huge difference in running an offense alll about you rather than being a fourth or fifth option.

Ever since Redicks output in January, he's barley scoring in Febuary, while Morrison was traded to the Lakers, to possible fight for a starting job. Wow, one of my friends said at dinner, how the might have fallen.

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