Fantasy Baseball Players: Punny Team Names for the Upcoming Season

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Fantasy Baseball Players: Punny Team Names for the Upcoming Season

Now that Yahoo!, my preferred fantasy sports carrier, has opened up to the masses for fantasy baseball 2009, I could not be more excited.

Fantasy baseball is here. Meaning, it's time to start drafting and getting caught up in the hubbub of the preseason of fantasy baseball.

More importantly, fantasy baseball being here means two more things. One, baseball is almost here, and two, spring is just about here.

However, not everyone is creative. Some people really struggle to come up with good, funny, or corny team names for their fantasy cast. Here are some I have either come up with, or found on the Internet and couldn't bring myself not to include.

Cubs and Indians fans alike will enjoy Sporting Wood in celebration of their new (or former) closer.

For those of you who have had the luxury of having Adam Dunn on a previous team may appreciate Well Dunn.

Any Mariners fans in the building? How about Honey Nut Ichiros?

Certainly, any Royals fans out there will be dying to dub their team as The Mexicutioners, after the nickname of closer Joakim Soria.

Here's another corny gem for New York Mets fans: The Price Is Wright.

Oakland A's die-hards, here's to you! In the Athletic Department...And if that's not good enough, Devine Intervention is another one for ya.

The Morneau After Pill....don't tell me it didn't make you laugh. Twins fans to come across this one will race out there to be the first with this name. I have to tweak his name one more time. Justin can really have fun with his name if you're clever.

For those real smart-asses out there who want to get extra clever with their names, here's a few: The Good, The Vlad, and The Uggla, Green Eggs And Hamilton, Third Degree Byrnes, The Chan Ho Trailer Park, Happy Halladays, and Cano DeWitt?.

Here's a good knock on a movie, Coyote Utley.

Finally, one for the Red Sox fans. Lugo My Eggos.

For the Florida Marlins fans of the fantasy population: Sports Hermida.

Here's one spoofing Brandon Lyon: In The Lyon's Den. If that isn't good enough, Tiger fans, then I suggest Delusions of Granderson.

This one always makes me laugh. Once A Jeter, Always A Jeter. There's a good one for the Yankee fans. I also loved Jeter Jeter, Pumpkin Eater.

Texas Rangers fans may be accustomed to calling catching prodigy Jarrod Saltalamacchia "Salty," but this can be taken one step further with Salty Nuts.

Also, I've got two fantasy names for Reds fans: Bruce Almighty, and Aaron Harangitang.

Finally, I have a handful of general baseball-related team names. These include, Brokebat Mountain, Roid Rage, and A Case of the Runs.

Whatever you decide to name your fantasy team, good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

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