NFL: Alexa Flutie Joins San Diego Chargers Cheerleading Squad

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NFL: Alexa Flutie Joins San Diego Chargers Cheerleading Squad
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Doug Flutie gave the NFL and San Diego Chargers plenty to cheer about during his noteworthy career, but his delightful daughter, Alexa Flutie, is now making all the headlines.

Alexa, a member of the New England Patriots cheerleading squad in 2011, has recently joined the San Diego Chargers cheerleading squad, according to the LockerSmash website.

The Charger Girls are made up of 28 members, and Alexa just passed the tryouts with over 400 women auditioning. Alexa revealed on her Twitter account that she went to Southern California "“to pursue BIGGER professional dancing opportunities.”

Alexa got a BA in Dance from Dean College and hopes to be a choreographer for music videos as her future career. 

This is a good move for Alexa. Doug Flutie's daughter definitely has talent, as she has made two different NFL cheerleading squads in as many years.

Chargers fans will have something to get excited about now, as Alexa brings some long-needed entertainment to balance the disappointment from a consistently underperforming San Diego team.

Now, wonder if Alexa's next NFL stop will be the Buffalo Bills? That would make her exactly follow in her daddy's professional footsteps.

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