Alex Rodriguez: Single White Female

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Alex Rodriguez: Single White Female

I read the NY Daily News and NY Post Web sites this morning and found articles about Joe Torre bashing Yankee players and management in a new book he will have coming out called The Yankee Years.

In his book Joe Torre says that Yankee players would call Alex Rodriguez “A-Fraud” and that A-Rod had a “”Single White Female”-like obsession with Derek Jeter.

Joe Torre says that he was insulted with the incentive-based salary the Yankee offered him.

I believe the reason Joe Torre wrote the book was because of the last sentence I wrote. He was insulted by the salary he was offered. The salary situation between the Yankees and Torre probably made it easier for Torre to write a derogatory book about his former players and bosses.

He most likely wouldn’t of wrote a book if he left on good terms. Now Torre has a reason to put some more money in his pocket.

I believe what Joe Torre says about A-Rod having a Single White Female obsession with Derek Jeter. I believe this because A-Rod is a strange dude. He breaks up with his wife to be with Madonna, who is not only old enough to be his mother, but Madonna is freaky looking.

Out of all the young women out there for A-Rod to cheat with, he chooses a 50-year-old clown?

A-Rod also said that “Jeter’s been blessed with great talent around him” and “he’s never had to lead” in a 2001 Esquire article. This is more proof of A-Rod’s jealousy of Derek Jeter.

When it comes to players calling Alex, A-Fraud, the only player I could think of calling him this would be Roger Clemens. Clemens throws every one under the bus including his own wife so it wouldn’t exactly shock me if he called A-Rod that.

For the rest of the players, I don’t know which ones would call him A-Fraud. I doubt Jeter would. Jeter’s really quiet.

It did make sense for Joe Torre to ask for a two-year offer in 2007 because Joe would have been through another year of media scrutiny about his contract.

You can count on the Yankees not offering to retire Joe Torre’s number or offer him a plaque in the new stadium. If he was a former employee of mine, I wouldn’t do it either.

It’s too bad Torre had to act classless about the situation because Joe Torre was all about class. Even though I haven’t read the book, Torre seems to be coming off very bitter especially since the Yankees gave him a lot of money to manage and made him the highest paying manager.

I guess working George Steinbrenner all those years will do that to you.

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