Is This Finally the Season of Bobby Crosby? Matt Holliday Thinks So

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Is This Finally the Season of Bobby Crosby? Matt Holliday Thinks So

It most not feel great to be Bobby Crosby. After the A's looked to replace him with Rafael Furcal, they placed him on waivers, which he cleared, and now the A's are supposedly talking to the agent of Orlando Cabrera. A large sum of A's fans are done waiting for him to produce, and it now seems like the organization might be done waiting too.

So, what does Bobby Crosby have to say about all this?

"I can't wait for spring training to start...I'm really really excited."

But wait, does he know all of the above happened? How can he be excited to play for a team that apparently doesn't want him? Well, it might have to do with the recent adjustments he has made with two great hitters, Mark McGwire and Matt Holliday.

Since the start of 2009, Crosby has been hitting in a cage with Big Mac and Holliday, at the University of California-Irvine. At the beginning of these sessions, Mac looked at Crosby's swing, and noticed how he always appears slightly off balance. With a few changes, Crosby has a wider stance, and a better center of balance.

He is standing closer to the plate, and has adopted a shorter, quicker swing, allowing him to hit the inside pitch and still cover the outside half of the plate. He also is standing more crouched, similar to the way McGwire did when he was with the team. When he attempted to explain the change, Crosby said his stance is "McGwire-itized."

Now for those Crosby haters, and even people who still have faith in him, there is most likely some skepticism out there about this new approach. But Bobby Crosby sounds very excited about the change, "It's a little more in my legs, and I'm taking a direct path to the ball. In the past, I took a longer route," Crosby said. "It's a lot shorter, a lot quicker. It feels awesome."

But, if you don't buy Bobby's confidence, how about some words from Matt Holliday, who has been at every session with Crosby.

"The ball's coming off his bat real well, and he looks great. I don't know Bobby career-wise, so I can't say what he used to look like, but he looks great to me. I think Mark's helped him a lot, so I'm excited for him.

"I think he's going to have a good season."

Matt Holliday, who should have been the 2007 NL MVP, said Crosby is going to have a good season. Take that anyway you want, but A's fans have to be happy Crosby has done something since his horrible 2008 season.

If anything, the 2009 Bobby Crosby should at least be interesting to watch. There has to be some potential there, he was picked by Peter Gammons to be the MVP after his rookie season. With that skill set and mechanics adjustments from Big Mac, Crosby should be in position to actually produce, and not soon enough.

But what do you think? Will Bobby Crosby be productive in 2009, or will he be a flop as usual? Or will the A's sign Orlando Cabrera?

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