Clipper Fans Fed Up With Dunleavy

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Clipper Fans Fed Up With Dunleavy

Los Angeles, the city of bright lights and star-studded nights captivate the appeal of millions each year. And what’s not to like about a city with 70-degree weather in the middle of January, luxurious shopping, and beautiful beaches. 

Perhaps there’s one ailing element of The City of Angels, especially if you’re a Los Angeles Clippers fan.

There’s no surprise that the LA Clippers are the second rate team of the city; and by looking at their current 2008-09 season standings they’ll remain in the shadows of one of the most dominant teams in NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Although the Clippers aren’t the worst team statistically in the NBA, they’re not too far behind the Washington Wizards (8-32) and Oklahoma City Thunder (8-34.)

With the third worst record in the NBA (9-31) there’s been little to write home about on the performance of the Clippers as of yet.  The effort and heart of the team is questioned nightly, leaving fans only to speculate which Clipper team will show up.

But all the blame cannot be placed completely on the newly assembled Clippers roster. Coaching, or lack there of has played a vital role of this franchise for years. Since Mike Dunleavy was appointed head coach of the Clippers in the 2003-04 season, they have only had one winning season in which they’ve made the playoffs.

Clipper fans had a slight glimmer of hope when the 2005-06 team, lead by charismatic and outspoken point man Sam Cassell took the Clips to the Conference Semi-finals, where they faced defeat by the hands of the run-and-gun Phoenix Suns in game seven.

Since the departure of important team leaders such as Cassell, Elton Brand, and Cory Maggette, the Clippers have reverted back to their old ways with two consecutive losing seasons.

There seems to be a lack of team chemistry and trust between both players and coach for the Clippers—and it’s noticeable. For example, teams such as Boston or the Lakers will make an extra pass, consistently make hustle plays, dive for balls, and congratulating one another after made buckets. These positive attributes are seldom seen with the Clippers and the lack of communication results in turnovers and low team morale.

With the amount of talent on the Clippers roster, there is no excuse for their record.

Recently the Clips snapped an 11-game losing streak and pesky injuries continue to plague the franchise. The lack of respect and faith in Dunleavy’s coaching philosophy are reminiscent of the horrific Clippers of the 90s.

Yesterday the world witnessed history with the inauguration of President Barack Obama, which is a true testament to his campaign slogan, “Change” and the Clippers should follow suit and make significant change with it’s coaching staff and personnel.

Dunleavy, with a newly extended contract and general management duties is not deserving of more time dismantling the Clipper franchise.

When does it stop being about the money, and starts being about winning?

It appears Dunleavy is incapable of motivating his team; the fans deserve more effort in a head coach who isn’t okay with losing almost on a nightly basis. The fans deserve productivity from both coaches and coaches alike.

So let’s hear it Clipper nation…Can we get Dunleavy out of town and restore pride and dignity in our home red, white, and blue? In the words of President Barack Obama, “YES WE CAN!”

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