NFL Conference Championships: Letters To The League

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NFL Conference Championships: Letters To The League

To: Larry Fitzgerald

Re: Memories

Fantastic game, again. Get ready to talk, a lot, about how you used to be the Vikings' ball boy.

To: Ken Whisenhunt

Re: Handlin' it

You didn't think it was necessary to get between your player and your coordinator? When the quarterback is dropping back to pass, you're not yelling in his ear.

Todd Haley was in the middle of calling a great game and in the fourth quarter on a the game winning drive, he's got Boldin yelling in his ear because he's not on the field.

Don't you think that was an unnecessary distraction?

On the other hand, you still won the game and I could almost hear you afterwards, saying "take that Rooney family."

To: Anquan Boldin

Re: Bad decisions...

I think you just earned the title, "Me Guy."

And don't be surprised next year if you're playing for the team Arizona just beat.

Though I'm not so sure they're going to want you. They had a guy with that kind of attitude before. That didn't work out so well.

To: Brent Celek

Re: One for the scrapbook

At least you had a career day. Those 10 catches and two touchdowns have to be something of a consolation.

To: The Philadelphia Eagles

Re: Change of plans

Well, since Boldin obviously will not be back with the Cardinals next season, he may be someone to consider.

McNabb needs a receiver that can make a play. You've seen what can happen when he has that consistent threat.

Nothing against Celek, but he's Brent Celek.

Don't forget, you've got two first round picks!

To: Joe Flacco

Re: Unwinnable

Some places just have a player's number.

You lost three in Heinz Field against the Steelers this season and you couldn't win the starting job at Pitt (which as you know is where the Panthers play as well).

You're still a good quarterback. Don't let it get you down.

Just ask Peyton Manning about the Patriots.

To: Limas Sweed

Re: Polamalu would have you for lunch

After that drop, I'd imagine you were scared to death. Seeing how your teammates were hitting the Ravens, surely they'd do the same to you for that ridiculous drop (and then acting injured, that's not the Steelers way).

A few plays later you delivered that bone-crushing block on Corey Ivey, which at least allowed you continue to wear the Steelers jersey.

But then you also made a nice play to break up Frank Walker's sure interception to keep the drive going.

Looks like you may live to see the Super Bowl. But I'd still keep my head down in the locker room.

To: Mike Tomlin
Re: The Champs
You're still the coolest coach in the NFL.
You just stand and chill on the sidelines.
Sometimes you have a headset, but you never have a play card, and your team plays like that.
Now, that's coaching.

To: NCAA Juniors
Re: Missed opportunity
What are you thinking??!?

To: Jon Gruden
Re: Strikes again...
There's no better place for an unemployed coach looking for a job to be in the coming two weeks than Tampa Bay.
By the way, always meant to tell you this. You're the perfect example of what mother's everywhere meant when they said, "If you keep making that face, it'll freeze that way."

To: Raheem Morris
Re: The pride of the Bucs?
Talk about a meteoric rise.
You and Jim Zorn should start a club or an educational seminar, "How to win jobs you're not qualified for."
I do love your enthusiasm though.
To: The New England Patriots
Re: They don't grow on trees?
I wouldn't worry about it too much. You guys seem to grow coordinators and personnel guys in the backyard.
Just go out back and pluck another one.

To: Ad agencies
Re: The big chance
Two weeks and counting.
This is what you've waited for your whole life.

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