Carl Pavano's Idiotic Comments

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Carl Pavano's Idiotic Comments

Carl Pavano made some rather intriguing comments on Friday:

"When you're down, you expect your organization to pick you up, not kick you when you're down. I've had to pick myself up quite a few times in the last four years."

Oh boy. This @$$hole is asking for it, isn't he.

For four years, Carl Pavano took the Yankees' money and invested it in "101 Original Sick Day Excuses." Some of Pavano's ailments include bruised buttocks, Tommy John surgery, and pitching like crap.

But hey, we can't blame a guy for being hurt, right? Even if it happens a lot, it's not like it's his fault. Is it?

Well, Pavano was a total jerk. He got into a car accident in August 2006, breaking two of his ribs, right before the Yankees were going to activate him from the DL. Like any responsible player, he informed the team of his injury...two weeks later!

The next winter, the Yankees asked Pavano and his agent to accept a minor-league assignment to clear up roster space. They were already overpaying the guy to sit on his ass and do nothing, so maybe he could be a good teammate and help them out. But no, they refused. Because Pavano isn't exactly the best team player.

When the Yankees played in Tampa Bay, where Pavano was rehabbing, did Pavano visit them? Nope. He never warmed up to his teammates, and many raised questions about his work ethic, including Mike Mussina.

And then there was his agent, Tom O'Connell, the fourth agent of Pavano's career, the same one who turned down the Yankees' minor-league.

After the 2008 season, he had some very weird comments: "Carl's a 1-2 starter. Those guys don't grow on trees. Those guys are very rare, 200-inning guys are very rare in this game, and they're the ones that make the money."

200 innings? Yeah, Pavano did that a couple of times, but never in the past four years! In fact, he hasn't pitched 200 innings TOTAL over the past four years! Is this guy serious?! Did he really think teams were going to buy that?!

But how about the first part, about how he was a top-of-the-rotation pitcher? Even when he pitches, he isn't any good. His career ERA is 4.32, with a 1.35 WHIP. Not exactly ace quality.

In fact, outside of that one contract year in Florida (in which he accrued a 3.00 ERA), Pavano has never had an ERA under 4.10 in a season, and since that year has gone 4.77. 4.76, and 5.77 respectively, while missing the entire 2006 season.

Mediocre pitchers DO grow on trees. Although mediocre, injury prone, douchebags don't, so I guess O'Connell does have a point about his client.

So let's recap. After signing a huge deal in 2004, Carl Pavano followed it up by spending most of the next four seasons on the DL. While we can't always blame a guy for getting hurt, we can have problems with a guy who has a poor work ethic and who wouldn't even visit his own team when they were around his rehab location.

We can have problems with a guy who gets hurt and doesn't tell his team, a guy who knows about his injury problems but refuses to take a minor-league assignment to help his team out. This guy is a crappy teammate.

And then the guy goes and whines about the way he was treated in New York. Awwww, poor Pavano. Are you perhaps a little sore that your ex, Alyssa Milano, got engaged this week? Whatever.

I hope (read: expect) Pavano gets booed when his new team, the Indians, visits the new Yankee Stadium in its opening series. And then I hope he gets injured.

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