Who Has a Better Team: Israel Defense Forces or the New York Yankees ?

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Who Has a Better Team: Israel Defense Forces or the New York Yankees ?

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) have come in to Gaza and taken control of the place. They have killed over 700 hundred Palestinians (may they rest in peace) between them and over 500 Hamas terrorists (may they rot in hell).

The Hamas has been shooting missiles over to Southern Israel for over eight years and they have been sending suicide boomers since forever. Isreal has one of the best army's in the world, even thou they have one of the smallest army's in the world

The Yankees on the other hand have worked on talent and have got the elite players in baseball. And now after singing Mark Teixeira, C.C Sabathia, and A.J Burnett, it is known to everybody if they can put it all together they are going to be the best team in baseball

If you look back at before 2008 the Yankees won there division 14 years a row in the rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox. But now the Yankees have more then one rival, the Rays have jumped in to the race and they beat both the Yankees and Red Sox

The IDF has been fighting the Hamas and the Hesballa (another terrorists organization) who has started shooting missiles in to northern Israelagain, but the IDF are still in control of Isreal and all the need is that the UN will let them off there leash and then they can take control of all the middle east

The IDF has one of the best air forces in the world—The Yankees may have the best lineup in baseball.

The IDF has almost finished of their enemy—the Yankees were third in the AL East last season.

The IDF Cares about there country—the Yankees care about their fans.

May all of the Israel Forces come back home safely. 

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